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Studying Anatomy and Physiology? Learn Latin!

This blog explains the root of words that come from Latin and how understanding their root will help you remember the terms needed to study anatomy and physiology.

5th February 2021

Study Latin To Help Your Anatomy and Physiology Course

Part one of a two part blog that explains how many anatomical terms are derived from Latin especially the names of muscles. This blog explains the origins of these words to help you study and remember your anatomy and physiology for your exam.

29th January 2021

What Our Anatomy and Physiology Students Say

We are proud of our anatomy and physiology course and this blog shares some recent comments from our students, how they have enjoyed the course and benefited from our teacher and physiotherapists Jane's clear teaching.

28th January 2021

Osteoporosis - a casualty of lockdown

Looking at the skeletal system disease osteoporosis, common in post menopausal women but something we should all be aware of as we move a lot less in lockdown.

22nd January 2021

Stress Pathologies - Plant Power to the Rescue

We all suffer from stress and here we can show you how essential oils from plants may calm your sympathetic nervous system.

15th January 2021

The Poly Vagal Theory And The Stress Response

Stephen Porges devised the polyvagal theory which is a much more sophisticated understanding of the fight, flight and freeze stress repsonse.

10th January 2021

Lockdown Instalment Program For Anatomy And Physiology Courses

We are here to help you qualify in anatomy,physiology amd pathology by offering our instalment program. Call us to discuss how this will help you gain your qualification.

7th January 2021

The Mind Body Connection

13th December 2020



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"I am delighted to have passed and greatly appreciate the support and flexibility that you have given me during this extended process of study. Thanks also for the guidance and resources - it has been a really excellent and thorough learning experience and I will be giving you 5 stars on the evaluation "

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