10 Top Study Tips to Help you Pass you Anatomy and Physiology

Published on 14th August 2022


Anatomy and Physiology can be a dry subject and we can get bogged down trying to get all those facts into our own grey matter. If we get stressed by it, it will become harder to understand and retain the information. So to lighten up learn some fascinating and fun facts about the human body and be entertained along the way with this guy Hank who is great: Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology: Crash Course Anatomy & Physiology 

We always want to make doing our anatomy and physiology course as easy and enjoyable as possible and to use different ways to not only cover the information required by the exam board ITEC, but to ensure that you retain that knowledge for your exam and for your career in your chosen field afterwards.

One good way is to do quizzes. Get your friends to ask you questions or try this website out.

This blog also provides some great ideas for revising your a and p.

Keep curious and remember that this is your human body you are learning about. Be in awe for all that it does for you and look after it! The brain is made of eighty percent water so to be able to learn, keep it well hydrated. We tend to sit at a table or desk to study but actually we learn best when we are moving. You may find listening to our videos whilst out walking, helps the information go in. Repetition is key. The more you hear and see something, the more familiar it will become. That is the beauty of our anatomy and physiology e-course. You can watch it over and over again. Unlike a live class where you will hear it just once.

Finally, I have written a free e-book 10 Top Study Tips to  Help you Pass you Anatomy and Physiology Exam

Happy studies and let me know if I can be of more help.


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