Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Published on 30th May 2022


A quiz in the style of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? to help sports massage students with their anatomy and physiology course. The first person to email in all the correct answers by Monday 6th June will be given a free anatomy and physiology revision aid, worth £99. Good luck! 

FOR £100

Frozen shoulder is a condition involving:

a) frostbite to the shoulder

b) painful & restricted movement of the gleno-humeral joint

c) supraspinatis rupture

d) painful & restricted movement of the sterno-clavicular joint

FOR £300

Retinaculum is a thickened band of tissue that serves to:

a) strengthen a joint

b) hold tendons in place

c) support the function of ligaments

d) restrict movement of a joint

FOR £500

It is best to stretch muscles when they are:

a) cold

b) inflamed

c) ruptured

d) hot

FOR £1,000

The subacromial bursa is located between the supraspinatus tendon and the acromion process.  If bursitis is present, impingement and pain will begin to accor when the humerus is abducted to:

a) 90°

b) 80°

c) 20°

d) 120°

FOR £2,000

The tibialis anterior muscle:

a) dorsiflexes and inverts the foot

b) plantar flexes and inverts the foot

c) dorsiflexes and everts the foot

d) dorsiflexes and circumducts the foot

FOR £4,000

I have a more stable base if I am:

a) 6’

b) 4’

c) holding a weight in one hand

d) stand on 1 leg

FOR £8,000


a) are elastic

b) have a natural crimp effect of 2-4%

c) are made of cheese

d) cannot change in length at all

FOR 16,000

I can bowl faster and harder if my arm is:

a) short and straight

b) long and straight

c) long and flexed

d) short and flexed

FOR 32,000

Ischaemia means: 

a) lack of stretching

b) lack of exercise

c) lack of blood to an area

d) lack of lymph to an area

FOR 64,000

Shoulder dislocation usually occurs:

a) anteriorly

b) medially

c) posteriorly

d) laterally

FOR £125,000

A fractured clavicle usually breaks in:

a) lateral ½

b) medial 2/3

c) letral 2/3

d) longitudinal plane

FOR £250,000

If teres major and subscapularis are tight, what movement will be restricted?

a) scratching between the shoulderblades

b) cleaning teeth

c) starching lower back

d) tying shoelaces

FOR £500,000

Put the following in order starting with the first to occur:

a) inflammation

b) trauma

c) release of histamine, kinins and prostaglandins

d) fibrosis

FOR £1 MILLION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muscle fibres increase in size by:

a) hypertrophy

b) cell division

c) hypotrophy

d) inflammation

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