Our Track Record PartTwo; Some Common Questions

Published on 3rd January 2023

Frequently asked Questions

So, you might be wondering a number of things, you might have a number of questions, and absolutely please do call if you do, but I'm here to answer some of those questions today.

One of the questions I get asked quite frequently is ‘what if I'm no good at exams? What if I've never done an exam or what if it was so long ago? My grey matter is so rusty.’ We get people from all sorts of walks of life, from all sorts of age groups, from probably the youngest which tends to be around 20s to the oldest which could be 60s, maybe even older. and their results show you how well they do. Because you're going to be so well taught by my tutor Jane.

What sort of people go on our courses? people from all walks of life - so men, women, young and old professionals, unemployed people, I've had a barrister on the course! We get teachers, nurses, midwives, beauty therapists, filmmakers, actors, oh, gosh, I can't even think because it's just everybody and anybody. Anybody who's inspired to want to change their bit of the world, through training in the anatomy & physiology, but also the accompanying therapy or exercise discipline. They want to really have something that's vocational, and that has more meaning, I think, but in their lives and maybe what they're currently doing.

Do I need previous experience to join the course? Absolutely not. If you've got some GCSE human biology knowledge - fantastic, that's going to help you, and you will have knowledge about the human body, even if you didn't do human biology at school. But you can start from zero and we will teach you everything you need to know, to fly through your exam.

How long would the training last? Well, it’s about 100 hours, we suggest you give it five hours a week, and you'll get it done in four or five months. Do more than that and you'll get it done more quickly obviously. I've had one student go through it in just a month, really focused and not been working, just flown through it. Other people it has taken the year that we've provided to get through the course.

Can I pay the course fee in instalments? Absolutely. Just get on that phone or ping me an email and we'll get that sorted for you.

So, here's some ideas to help you know whether you should do our course. Firstly, it's time to invest in yourself. Our course is not the cheapest, you will find courses out there. I've had people say, ‘Well, I can find one for £30’. Well, you might want to have a really good look at that before you sign up for a course that's only £30.

What are you getting for your course? Are you getting support? Are you getting tutor help when you've got a question? Are you part of a community that's there to support you? What's the quality of the videos like? Have you seen that free trial? All those sorts of things, this is an investment, it's a one off payment to a future career. I always say cheap isn't expensive. I have lots of students who've done a £30 course and then come and done our course, because they've realized a £30 course isn't very good. Or it's not got a recognised exam, it's not recognized by the Department of Education, and they've wasted their money. So have a look around and make sure that you're really getting something that's  bonafide. It's time to put some markers in the sand.

You've been thinking about this for a long time, and you don't want next year to be the same as this year. Yes, it's time to make that change. You might want to change career and this is the start - massage, kinesiology, Bowen technique, yoga, Pilates, and anatomy & physiology is often the starting point.


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"I am not sure if I already thanked you for the course but would like to thank you again, I am also very relieved I passed the exam. It was kind of you to arrange everything and I found your course accessible, with knowledgeable, clear and professional content.


- Sheila Styles -

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