Sample ITEC Exam Questions

Published on 31st January 2022


Have a quick look at these questions and see if you can answer them. The answers are will follow next week. Happy studies! 

1) What are the pterygoids?

  • A         Bone
  • B         Layers of skin
  • C          Muscle
  • D         Nerve

2) What is the structure of lymphatic connective tissue?

  • A         Fat cells containing fat globules
  • B          Yellow elastic fibres
  • C          Fibrocytes and mast cells
  • D         Semi-solid tissue with white fibres

3) Which of the following is not found in Haversian canals?

  • A         Blood capillaries
  • B          Lymph capillaries
  • C          Nerve
  • D         Muscles

4) The main function of parathormone includes to:

  • A         Maintain the level of calcium in the plasma
  • B          Maintain the balance of phosphorous
  • C          Regulate water absorption in the kidneys
  • D         Regulate the salts in the body

5) How often does the spleen contract to push the blood lack into general circulation?

  • A         Once per minute
  • B          Two to three times per minute
  • C          Four times per minute
  • D         Five to six times per minute

6) Which of the following is not a function of the spleen?

  • A         To destroy leucocytes
  • B          To form lymphocytes
  • C          To destroy thrombocytes
  • D         To destroy erythrocytes

7) What is the cause of Multiple Sclerosis?

  • A         Damage to the basal ganglia of the brain
  • B          Deterioration of the motor neurones in the body
  • C          Loss of the protective myelin sheath from nerve fibres
  • D         Paralysis of the face caused by injury or infection of the facial nerve

8) What is amenorrhoea?

  • A         Painful menstruation
  • B          Very heavy menstruation
  • C          Constant menstruation
  • D         Absence of menstruation

9) A person suffering from anorexia nervosa is someone who:

  • A         Binges and takes diuretics
  • B          Only eats two meals a day
  • C          Has a fear of gaining weight therefore will not eat
  • D         Regularly eats more food than is necessary

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