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Whizz your way through our Muscle Mini Quiz

Whizz your way through our Muscle Mini Quiz

Spruce up your muscle knowledge with this mini quiz

19th April 2021

Here’s a quick way to grasp the carpal bones

A learning tool to help you remember the carpel bones

9th April 2021

A career using anatomy and physiology

How Anatomy and physiology can help you towards a career you can be proud of

4th April 2021

Spotlight on Internal Respiration

A description of how oxygen gets to every cell of our body, just one interesting fact from our anatomy, physiology and pathology course

26th March 2021

Making A Success Of Complementary Therapies with Anatomy and Physiology

We are celebrating Complementary Therapy week by recognising the importance of gaining a good anatomy, physiology and pathology qualification to become a successful and safe therapist

19th March 2021

Olfaction a very real Superpower

The sense of smell and our olfactory system is not included in our ITEC Certificate in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology but it is an interesting subject, covered in this blog.

12th March 2021

Bone Trivia For your Anatomy and Physiology Course

Do you know how many bones there are in the human body and what are the different types? some people have more bones than others!

5th March 2021

The Skin The Great Protector

The skin is actually an organ and has a vital role in protecting us from disease. However there are even more functions, find out how important our skin is.

26th February 2021

Boost Your Anatomy and Physiology Study Success

How to stay focused to ensure study success on your anatomy and physiology course, your tutor shares some hints and tips to make learning easier.

19th February 2021

When Being Antagonistic Is A Good Thing!

Learn how muscles work in pairs to balance each other. Otherwise known as the agonist and antagonist.

12th February 2021

Keeping Your Mind Alert For Your Anatomy And Physiology Course

Tips on staying refreshed and alert whilst studying your anatomy and physiology course. our tutor Paula shares some secrets to help ensure exam success for your ITEC certificate in anatomy, physiology and pathology.

8th February 2021

Studying Anatomy and Physiology? Learn Latin!

This blog explains the root of words that come from Latin and how understanding their root will help you remember the terms needed to study anatomy and physiology.

5th February 2021



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"I'm really enjoying your Anatomy and physiology courses- a fantastic way to learn! Love the video lessons and the worksheets are a brilliant idea too. The whole thing makes learning fun and interactive rather than having to do copious amounts of reading followed by a multiple choice quiz!"

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