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Free trial anatomy and physiology course online

Anatomy and physiology course online

ITEC level 3 Anatomy and physiology coursesVTCT-ITEC Level 3 Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology Courses, Online exams

Due to the current situation with the corona virus we are providing 18 months access to our anatomy and physiology e-course instead of the usual 12 months Exams are available in many English speaking countries with online exams during lockdown. ITEC have agreed for us to host online exams taken at your home until the end of 2020. 

We are delighted that you are interested in our film based anatomy and physiology course and are sure that you will almost feel as if you are in the classroom with our highly qualified and accomplished physiotherapist and teacher, Jane Johnson.

I owned for 22 years one of the leading UK schools of massage. We successfully trained thousands of students to become highly skilled, confident and competent therapists. Anatomy and physiology is an integral part of this and it is our substantial experience in the classroom that has given us the expertise to create this anatomy and physiology e-course.

The e-course will allow you to enjoy learning and at your own pace, be able to watch the films of Jane teaching over and over, give you 24 hour access and allow you to check your progress with online interactive quizzes and progress reports. 

Over 2000 people have successfully taken our Anatomy and Physiology E-Course which was created in 2008 and is still unique in being film based and providing a winning formula. 97% of our students pass their exam first time. We have filmed Jane Johnson a successful physiotherapist, author of 12 Anatomy and physiology books and accomplished trainer and combined the films with interactive activities and quizzes. The anatomy and physiology courses have been designed specifically for people training in massage, other complementary and holistic therapies, Scenar, exercise programmes and the health services. There will be little reading off the screen. Instead you will be TAUGHT by Jane Johnson. The most common feedback from our students is I felt as though I was at the back of the class”.

 Many other therapy colleges have given up their live anatomy and physiology courses to use our e-course instead.

You can qualify with the ITEC Level 3 Certificate in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology with this 100% responsive online film based and interactive anatomy and physiology course. Learn at your own pace with films, worksheets and quizzes with 24/7 access for one year on your pc, tablet, mac or phone.  Take your exams in either London, or at a regional centre  including Bristol, Exeter, Stockton, Harrogate, Glasgow , Belfast, Dublin, Cork, Cirencester, Birmingham, Colchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, Coventry, Southampton, Leeds, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Sheffield,  Keele, Worcester, Manchester, Loughborough, Cardiff,  Newcastle, Edinburgh, Southern Spain,  and others can be arranged and be part of our 97% success rate. (Call us to arrange an exam centre in your area).

Overseas exams We can offer exams in: Australia, Canada, Southern Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa and Southern Spain Do contact us to find out where the exam centre is in your country.

Students who study our anatomy and physiology courses usually take 80-100 hours to complete it. The ITEC anatomy and physiology courses are backed up with email support from an expert anatomy and physiology course tutor and phone support from our Director Gill Tree

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We provide this film based ITEC level 3 anatomy and physiology online course for individuals, schools and colleges, revision aid anatomy and physiology courses and individual body systems options. Sign up for a free trial today

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Anatomy and Physiology courses 14 day Money back guaranteeWatch this 7 minute demonstration and then try the ITEC Level 3 anatomy and physiology course yourself today for free. Sign up to get access to the unit on the cardiovascular system, taken from the full anatomy and physiology course. Be assured that we provide all our customers who purchase our anatomy and physiology courses with our 14 day Money Back Guarantee if you are not fully satisfied.

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"The anatomy and physiology courses are very easy to use, you don't have to be a computer wiz. The tutor giving the lectures is very good and it feels as if your are sitting in the classroom with her. I like the fact that you are able to pause the films to complete worksheets and that you can go back and watch the films over again. Overall, it's a very good course and well worth the money."

- Yianna Ioannou -

"I am really enjoying the course and can’t wait to get home every day to carry on with it"

- Matthew Millan -

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