VTCT-ITEC Level 3 Anatomy Physiology and Pathology Certificate For The Complementary Therapist


Stop Press. Online exams are now the norm. Exams are taken online from your home anywhere in the world and invigilated by zoom. We hold them every month except August. Anatomy and physiology courses Uk

The level 3 anatomy and physiology course was created in 2009 when Gill Tree owned a large school of massage. ITEC included pathologies in 2014. 

In creating this anatomy and physiology e-course, Gill decided that she wanted to create a course that would go  beyond the syllabus required by ITEC and instead ensure that you felt confident to work with the public; young and old, healthy and unwell, fit and those out of condition. Since then many people like you have successfully gone on to qualify in anatomy and physiology with us and on to their dream careers. (thousands actually!!).

Throughout the course Jane the tutor will give you tips and strategies on how to learn, not just what to learn. Sadly, we do get people who are studying an anatomy and physiology qualification elsewhere, who also buy our course to help them understand the subject and get through their exams. Going for a cheap anatomy, physiology and pathology course can be expensive!  

Price (please scroll to the bottom to buy this course) 

Our course is £287.50, plus exam fee. Not the cheapest but worth the investment for peace of mind, support from Gill and the likelihood of a great result in your exam. (Our success rate fluctuates from 97-100% of students passing first time). 

Money Back Guarantee

We so believe in what we offer we have a money back guarantee, if you have a change of mind about the course within 2 weeks of purchasing it we will give you a full 100% refund. (In 10 years we've only had to do it twice!) 

Be taught in an anatomy and physiology class, but onlineOnline-film-based-anatomy-and-physiology-course

You will be taught by one of the UK’s foremost anatomy and physiology course teachers and physiotherapist Jane Johnson who has written twelve anatomy and phsuiology books. The films of Jane teaching, online quizzes and tests combine to make learning more effective.

A recognised anatomy and physiology qualification such as the ITEC Level 3 Certificate is a prerequisite to studying many vocational qualifications such as Massage, Reflexology, Kinesiology, Beauty therapy, Yoga, Bowen technique, Aromatherapy, Fitness and Personal Training as well as entry into training for careers such as paramedic and physio assistant. Our students are men and women in their 20’s -60’s often fed up with the 9-5 grind and looking for a career change. Beginners to anatomy and physiology courses are welcome!
We recommend you allow 80-100 hours to complete this anatomy and physiology course. There are over 10 hours of film, plus interactive games, quizzes and exercises to enhance your learning and recall of information.

View the full Syllabus for VTCT (ITEC) level 3 Certificate in anatomy, physiology and pathology for The Complementary Therapist.

E-learning has been shown to be 70% more effective than classroom based options and on our online level 3 ITEC Anatomy and Physiology courses we have a 97% exam pass rate (correct as at January 2019).

Online Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology Exams

Online exams are taken at home whilst being invigilated on Zoom. We hold exams every month and dates can be viewed here.

An ITEC level 3 Certificate in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology is the Industry standard and the most widely recognised qualification in the UK and beyond.  It meets the UK government requirements. Diplomas in Anatomy and Physiology were stopped in 2012. This is the VTCT (ITEC) Level 3 Certificate in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for the Complementary Therapist, Product Code: iCT3C6,  UK Accreditation: 603/4100/2


You will benefit from the following:anatomyAndPhysiologyStudent

The anatomy and physiology e-course is film based, you feel as if you're at the back of the class.

  • You can pause, stop and rewind the film and re-watch each lesson as frequently as you need
  • You can study from anywhere in the world on pc, mac, tablet or smart phone, eliminating costly travel to a class
  • You can request a study buddy and call Gill for support and to stay motivated 
  • There are assessments to ensure you have assimilated all the information, a downloadable workbook, worksheets, quizzes and supplementary information handouts- over 300 pages all in all
  • You will benefit from  the highest level of teaching for less than you would pay for a live classroom
  • There are a variety of teaching methods to make learning easier and fun
  • You will be taught by Chartered Physiotherapist Jane Johnson author and leading Anatomy and Physiology teacher
  • You take your exam online at home
  • You will have access 24/7 for 12 months to learn at times to fit in with your lifestyle and at your own pace (can be extended for 1-12 months)
  • Exams are booked and paid for separately when you are ready to take them.
  • Instalments over 2 or 3 months can be arranged by special request by phoning 0203 553 1060. 
  • Optional mock exams prepare you and there is the reassurance that our success rate is 97%

How Much is the Anatomy and Physiology Course?

The course fee is usually paid in one instalment of £287.50- A further payment of £120.00 will be required for the examination fee.  This fee will be payable when you book your exam date (and is subject to change if ITEC increase their fees). We also recommend the book by Louise Tucker " An Introductory Guide to Anatomy and Physiology which is the ITEC Course Textbook costing around £15. You can call us to arrange to pay by 3 instalments  once a month for 3 months: 0203 553 1060. 

What is covered on the anatomy, physiology and Pathology Course? 

Of course we will teach you all you need to know following the ITEC syllabus for the following:

The Cells,  the skin, the skeletal, muscular, cardio-vasular, respiratory, lympathic, digestive, reporductive, neurological (nervous), endocrine and urinary systems, the hair, nails, chemistry of the body and common terminology.

What support will I receive?

Within a week of booking you will recieve a freindly phone call from Gill our director, to introduce herself and explain that she is available if ever you need help with technical issues, motivation or something you don't understand.

You will also benefit from;

Study buddy scheme
In a classroom setting you have your classmates and the teacher to be answerable to if you haven’t done the work. But with an e-course you need to build in some accountability and to have someone check up on you. With a study buddy you can agree to complete a task by a certain time and test each other on it. If you would like a study buddy, we will find you one.

Support emails
Maybe regular emails to keep you motivated would help – sometimes a positive and encouraging message to get you going is just the kick you need to get studying, I know it’s not always easy to keep focus when there are so many distractions!

We provide webinars for students to help with motivation/worry about exams/what to learn and what to leave out. 

Tutor Support

If there is something you really don’t understand then you can always ask the tutor via our ask the tutor email. 

See our Frequently asked Questions and our Testimonials 

Why is this now called a VTCT (ITEC) Certificate In Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology? 


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