Whizz your way through our Muscle Mini Quiz

Published on 19th April 2021

Whizz your way through our Muscle Mini Quiz

A really important part of learning a demanding subject, such as Anatomy & Physiology, is testing yourself. Here?s a quick quiz to challenge your memory and get that brain into gear.

Q1.      Name the three types of muscle tissue?

Q2.      What connects muscle to bone, transmitting mechanical force for movement?

Q3.      Which muscle type/s are under conscious control?

Q4.      Which is the main muscle that contracts to produce plantar flexion of the ankle?

Q5. Which muscle group is responsible for flexion at the knee?

Q6. Muscles that work together to create a movement are known as:





Q7. What is muscular dystrophy?

Q8. What results after a torn or stretched ligament?

Q9. How many muscles make up the ?hamstrings??

Q10. Name the movement that causes the palm to be turned face up.

Q11. Name the insertion of the biceps brachii.

Q12.Name the action/s of Latissimus dorsi.

Q13. Name the largest muscle in the body.

Q14. Which muscles change the volume of the thoracic cavity during inhalation and expiration?

Q15. Which muscle type/s are controlled by the autonomic nervous system?


Q1. Skeletal, smooth and cardiac.

Q2. Tendon

Q3. Skeletal

Q4. Gastrocnemius

Q5. Hamstrings

Q6. A - Synergists

Q7. This refers to a group of diseases that cause muscles to weaken and become less flexible.

Q8. Sprain

Q9.Three - semimembranosus, semitendonosus and biceps femoris.

Q10. Supination

Q11. Radius

Q12. Arm extension, adduction and medial rotation

Q13. Gluteus maximus

Q14. Diaphragm and intercostal muscles

Q15. Cardiac muscle and smooth muscle.

How did you do?

5 out of 15

That?s a great start. You are obviously keen to learn.

10 out of 15

You did well. Keep up the good work and challenge yourself to aim high next time.

15 out of 15

Excellent! Anatomy is your thing.

Whatever your score, take your knowledge further by signing up for our Level 3 ITEC Anatomy and Physiology Diploma course.  This professional, online course offers comprehensive training from experienced tutors.

Expect great results!



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