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Published on 16th June 2017


I have had over 2000 people follow my ITEC Level 3 anatomy physiology and pathology course. I think it has proved popular despite an increasing number of e-courses out there, because of its unique structure where you are taught by physiotherapist Jane Johnson. This combined with the fact that you can save money, time and stress. 

So how does my anatomy and physiology course save money? 

Firstly an e-course is always going to be cheaper than a good quality live class (my research found equivalent live classes of 5-6 days duration were around £645.)


the beauty of my e-course it that it feels like a live class.

What is also great is that you can repeat the course and view it over and over to really feel confident and ready for your exam and for working with the public once qualified in your chosen new vocation.


Then of course there is the fact that you don't have any travelling costs to get to class.

How does the anatomy and physiology course save time?

Not only do you save time as you don't  have to travel to class, (no having to wake up early at the weekend either!) you have a 97% chance of passing your exam first time which means you will be able to get on with your new vocation sooner. 

So how does it reduce the stress of learning?

Well I am not going to pretend this is going to be easy. Anatomy and physiology is complex! You will however feel in control of when you study to fit around your other commitments so that reduces stress straight away. Then if you have seen the free trial you will have seen how easy Jane the teacher makes the subject (ok easier!). She makes it  interesting, easier to understand and breaks it up into small chunks. After all you wouldn't eat an elephant whole ...would you?!

Then you have the support of a tutor in the background if ever you need it (hardly ever used by the way! she is almost redundant!) and I am at the end of the phone if you need help with anything. (ok I can't take your exam for you or do you homework!) 


You can repeat the lessons over and over again (I am repeating myself!)

But what if you've never passed an exam, have English as a second language, are dyslexic, about to retire or you brain has turned to rust? 

You still have a 97% chance of passing!! Our students results over time have given us a wonderful 97% pass rate. Yes 97 out of 100 students pass first time and often with flying colours. We have had 1 student get 100%, not that I am bragging or anything!

Just in case you are still unsure

ITEC the exam board has been around for about 60 years, operates in 38 countries and needs the requirements of our government department for education. This ITEC level 3 anatomy physiology and pathology course has a track record of 9 years and I am so positivie about it I offer a money-back guarantee for anyone who decides its not for them.

So what have you got to lose? 

Start your journey to your new vocation today and sign up to the course!

I really look forward to helping you attain your goals!

Best wishes Gill

PS I love speaking to people about their plans and whether this is a fit, so do call me on 0203 553 1060 for a chat.


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