Step 27 - Next Steps

Published on 14th June 2019


So here we are at the end of the Therapist Business Passport but for your business this is just the beginning!! Your business will over time have many beginnings as you develop, grow, refine and learn. I hope you have benefitted from having me on your team and I sincerely wish you the hugest success. The world needs you! I hope our paths meet and that you come and hear me speak at one of my keynote events organised by the various expos and professional associations throughout the UK.  With very warm wishes Gill.

For now, I would like to suggest 4 next steps:

1/ Teach your therapy

This is a fantastic way for you to continue to learn as your students will ask questions that really make you think! It is also a great secondary income and guess what? -it also serves particularly well as a marketing tool. An evening talk or a one day workshop is a really popular choice.

If you would like help with learning how to teach, get my “Teach Your Own Therapy Workshop” virtual classroom here link:

I would also like to invite you to consider becoming a Licensed Essentials for Health Massage Magic Teacher to teach our one day introductory workshop.

2/ Leverage what you do

What can you duplicate? Do you have a winning formula that other therapists could replicate?

Imagine you are handing over your business to someone else to run. Would that be easy to do? Is everything written down and procedurised or is it all in your head?

Business success lies in having people work with you and for you to scale up what you offer and draw economies of scale from all your marketing and sales efforts. Who can you partner with/ associate with and share clients and marketing activities?

3/ Get a mentor

“I really appreciate the extremely useful advice you've given me! It's definitely something to get my teeth into... my purpose in life is becoming clearer and I now realise more than ever that I have been put upon this earth to help people and make them feel better. However, I do lack a little confidence in getting myself started as a therapist, so the support gives me the confidence to put my passion into practice” Anna Smeeton

I have mentioned this previously and cannot emphasise strongly enough the benefit of having a role model/ sounding board/advisor and coach all in one person- a mentor. If you would like to continue to have me on your team please contact me on (0)203 553 1060 for details. I offer telephone mentoring in 20-30 minute slots booked in a series of 4 sessions for £200 plus VAT. That fee in no way reflects the value you will gain from having me work with you which is immeasurable. Can you afford not to?

“Thank you for today’s consultation, I found your thoughts and answers to my questions really useful - I feel much clearer now about where I want to take my business and felt really inspired after our call –I've already made an action list!! It really helped to have a conversation with a professional and someone with experience which has helped me feel supported as a new therapist” Polly Field

Read the following books


millionaire mind

seven habits

Think Like an Entrepreneur Robbie Steinhouse

Leap! Ditch Your Job, Start Your Own Business and set Yourself Free Ian Sanders

Anyone can do it Sahar hashemi

The Adweek Copywriting handbook Joseph Sugarman

Free Chris Anderson

The Beermat Entrepreneur Mike Southon and Chris West

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind T Harv Eker

Wink Roger Hamilton

Seven Habits of Highly Successful People Steven Covey

Slow down and get more done  Marshall J Cook

Stresswise  Dr T Looker & Dr Olga Gregson

Feel The Fear And Do it  Anyway Susan Jeffers

Stress Busters    Robert Holden    

Laughter The Best Medicine    Robert Holden    

When I Say No I Feel Guilty    Manuel J Smith  

How To Stop Worrying And Start Living  Dale Carnegie

Success Through A Positive     Hill & Clement

Mental Attitude        Stone

Awaken The Giant Within     Tony Robbins     

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff    Richard Carlson

Feel Happy Now       Michael Neill


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