Step 25 - A brief guide to Google

Published on 7th June 2019


Search engine optimisation

I have touched briefly on Search engine optimisation (SEO) in previous steps and want to stress that this is a bit like quick sand! Ever changing and kept secret by the powers that be at Google and other search engines. It is a complex subject and you can spend a lot of time and money ensuring you are seo’ed. However here are a few guidelines:

Ensure you know your key words

These are the search words that your customers will use to search for your services. You can use Google Keyword Optimiser to help you.

With this tool you are able to enter a list of words or phrases or a website URL and the tool will produce a list of possible suitable keywords that can be used for an Ad Campaign.

You should have these keywords through out your site, have them in your tags and metatags (please ask your webmaster about these) and name your photos and logos with them before uploading them to your site.

Have inbound links from referring sites such as healthy pages and natural therapy pages

Increase your traffic by getting your customers to visit your site for special offers, download articles, sign up for newsletters etc. The more visitors you have, the higher your ranking, which in turn brings more visitors.

Refresh the content of your site regularly

Use Google Adwords to increase your visitors

Google AdWords is Google’s advertising product, which displays your ads to people looking for your products or services on Google or its partner sites.

When you advertise with AdWords, you pick words or phrases (called “keywords”) that are related to your business and your products or services. You then use these keywords to create ‘Ad Campaigns’ that target your potential customers when they search for your products or services on Google.  A maximum price per customer click is set for each ‘Ad Campaign’ and can be limited by a spend per day budget.

When a potential customer searches Google using the same or similar keywords, your Google AdWords ads may appear alongside or above the search results as a “Sponsored Link,” in response to the keywords searched. (In which position your ad appears depends on various things including competition keywords, budget etc).

When a customer searches if you use Google Adwords your details may come up twice on the page. The details in the right column (and usually the top 2-3 ads in the shaded section) are ‘Sponsored links’ and thus paid for. If the ad comes up below this these then that is a free advert (called Organic) and is a result of website content.

Understand the viewing activities of your visitors with Google Analytics

A free tool provided by Google to monitor results and provides statistics of visitors to websites that you have registered.

It can track visitors to your site and how they got to your site eg from a search on a search engine, as a link/referral from a different website, inbound links from articles/PDF documents and Adword campaigns.

Analytics works along side Google Adwords and monitors the effectiveness of the Adword campaigns by tracking the website pages quality and conversions. Goals can be set to include anything from a customer requesting a brochure, purchasing an item, clicking through to nominated pages.


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