Step 18 - Revisiting sales

Published on 13th May 2019


I promised you that we would revisit sales and here we are!

Whether you like it or not you are going to be a sales person, unless you have a receptionist you will be the person answering the phone and replying to messages and that inevitably leading to relationship building and making an appointment- in other words a sale!

On that subject, I would suggest you having a separate phone line and even a second mobile which are your business lines. You will answer the phone and have answer phone messages that are entirely different to the ones you would have on your home phone.

So here are some guidelines for taking and making calls with prospective clients.

Have a clearly defined objective for each call

Is it to get them to make an appointment or to make a next step, for example getting them to come to an open day, send them an information leaflet or read the testimonials on your website. (Remember my suggestion in a previous step that some people need several points of contact and convincing before they will buy).

Ideally you want to get them to make an appointment and if you plan your call you can test the water during the call once rapport has been gained and by asking “ Are you phoning to make an appointment

“Is there anything else you need to know to feel confident to make an appointment ?”

Have a clearly planned call

I am not suggesting you use a script for making calls. They are so transparent and yukky and obvious that they are being read. However you do want your calls to follow a successful formula which entails understanding the following:

A feature is any fact about the product or Service

A benefit is what the customer gains when a feature or features meet the requirements

Requirements are the customer’s needs and wants which the product or service could fulfil

Your call should entail finding out the customer’s needs by asking them questions. You can then explain what you do (the feature) and how it will meet the clients needs (the benefits)

Most inexperienced sales people start with the features of their product and service and go on about it, boring the potential client and possibly alienating them.

Think through your call plan and practise the call out loud. Imagine what type of questions people might ask and any objections they might have.

Find out all objections and handle them

An objection is a reason why the client can’t buy. However expressing the objection does not mean they are saying no, it means they have a concern, fear or problem which you can help them overcome, if you know about them. A common objection will be around price.

Handling price Objections

  1. The customer Objects
  2. Ask what are you comparing me to?
  3. How much are they charging?
  4. Express the difference in price
  5. Demonstrate the benefits compared with the price difference
  6. Doing a competitor analysis will help you know who they are comparing you to and how your service is so much better.

Some guidelines

  1. Keep calm
  2. Be rational
  3. Be patient and helpful
  4. Listen – to what’s being said and what’s not being said
  • breathe
  • slow down
  • softly does it
  • they might just go ahead and answer their own objection for you

Clarify –“Tell me more”, be sure to get everything out

Isolate – Check that it’s the only thing and that if you can answer it for them they’re happy to commit

Solve -    Solve the question and confirm the details

Practise, play with it and make those sales!!


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