Step 14 - Staying in your rhythm

Published on 30th April 2019


So here we are almost halfway through our 30 steps. If you are not quite where you hoped to be- no worries. Many of us are guilty of trying to do too much in a short space of time (but not enough over a year).

If you have watched my Passport to Business Success Virtual Classroom you will have seen the part where I talk about how it is easier for some people to start a business (those of us who have creator energy) than it is for others.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t succeed - far from it. (Those who are great at starting businesses often have difficulty keeping them going by the way). It just means that you may need more help in the initial stages.

This step is going to focus on helping you just in case you ever get stuck with your thinking, hit a point of inertia or find yourself procrastinating. It might be one to keep on the noticeboard!

1. Conundrums Activity

Here is an activity for you to do, if you have a difficulty/ a question that you need answered or a problem to be solved.

Write out on 4 separate pieces of paper the following:

What’s the pain of doing it?

What’s the pleasure of doing it?

What’s the pleasure of not doing it?

What’s the pain of not doing it?

Thinking about your issue, take it in turns to visit the 4 sheets (in any order) and speak out loud your thoughts and feelings for each in turn. Ideally have a friend to coach you and listen to you, but failing that record your answers. Get your friend to feed back not so much on what you said, but the energy in your voice. That will give you the greatest insights to your issue or problem.

2. Go where there’s flow

Start doing some things that you find really easily and enjoyable (but related to your business). Suddenly life will take on a rosier glow.

3. Plan to fail

I know this sounds rather pessimistic, and I am anything but that! However, throughout Essentials for Health’s history I suffered so much disappointment, because I didn’t know about this simple principle.

Think about everything you do as a bit of an experiment and a stepping stone to your success, rather than relying on a particular marketing activity, newsletter, advert or new service as the “one” that is going to bring the success.

By doing this you will have an attitude of learning and an ability to bounce back quicker when this doesn’t go as hoped.

Remember the person who never made a mistake, probably never made anything!!

4. Ask better questions

“How can I turn this around”?

“What can I learn from this”?

“Will this matter five years from now”?

“How can I see this differently”?

Instead of “why me?


Tip of the week

Make sure that you set time aside still for yourself and see it as an investment in your health. A change is as good as a rest and frequent breaks will create a more inspired, fresher, deeper thinker who can much more clearly see the wood for the trees!


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