Why take the ITEC Level 3 Anatomy, Physiolgy and Pathology Course

Published on 4th December 2017


A good understanding of Anatomy and Physiology (the study of the structure and function of the 12 systems of the body) underpins all that a good therapist does. The more you understand about the body the more you can tailor your treatment to meet the needs of the client.  This understanding will enhance your enjoyment of your therapy and crucially ensure you are working safely.
People looking to study a diverse range of therapies choose this eCourse for their A and P including: Swedish Massage, Thai Massage, Kinesiology, Beauty Therapy, Yoga, Reflexology, and Bowen Technique.
You will be taught by one of the UK’s foremost A&P teachers, Jane Johnson. The films of Jane teaching, online quizzes and tests combine to make learning more effective as is evidenced by our 99% pass rate.
We recommend you allow 60 hours to complete. There is 17 hours of content plus interactive games, quizzes and exercises to enhance your learning and recall of information.  You have access to the e-Course for one year.

Studying on line – is it for me?

If you’ve never studied via e-learning before there are lots of advantages, especially with a complex subject like A and P;
•    Study in your own time at your own pace at your convenience
•    Study any time and anywhere – full pc, tablet and mobile compatibility
•    Watch it over and over again  - let it sink in and allow the course to help you with revision
•    Play with interactive games and exercises – enhance your learning and memory recall
•    Quizzes and progress reports – check your progress and ensure you are on track

Jane Johnson

Jane has taught A&P for many years, regularly presents at conferences and exhibitions and has authored many books on the subject.  Her teaching style is clear and direct, she breaks the subject down so it’s easy to understand.  She trained initially in massage, anatomy and physiology, before taking a masters degree in Health and exercise behaviour and went on to become a Chartered Physiotherapist.

What will I learn?

All of the following body systems
•    Skeletal
•    Muscular
•    Cardiovascular
•    Respiratory
•    Endocrine
•    Skin
•    Cells
•    Reproductive
•    Urinary
•    Neurological
•    Digestive
•    Lymphatic

What will I need to do?

•    Schedule your own study time and let us know when you ready to be entered for your exam
•    If Studying for the ITEC level 3 anatomy, physiology and pathology qualifications – sit a 1 hour multiple choice exam paper at a central London Venue or regional centre

“The teaching was first class, the lectures where explained in full depth. Now completing this course I have been accepted into the University of Essex and looking to begin my Physiotherapy Degree. There was no way I could have got in without completing this course. I found it easy to juggle my work life and study. This course has really changed my life.”
Fiona Brown


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"These anatomy and physiology courses are fantastic. I wish all my university lectures 10 years ago had been available via e-learning. I would have remembered so much more"

- Cordelia Peacock -

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