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Published on 17th November 2017


I would like to support you in achieving your goals, hopes and dreams in 2018, by providing the first step in retraining in your therapy of choice, my highly successful   anatomy and physiology Course  studied through e-learning which has helped over 2000 people on the journey to retraining to have a more rewarding career

But that is only the start!

I owned a school of massage for over 20 years, had a team of 22 people and became known as a therapy business expert writing for magazines such as Massage World and presenting at exhibitions such as the CAM Expo. I taught my Therapy Business Support, course for over 10 years and that along with my Business Guide will give you all the hints and tips to getting a Therapy Business started and on track to becoming sustainable in a short space of time. It is so effective, I am following it myself as I am launching a new business in 2018. Let me help ensure your success

Many of our students complete their anatomy and physiology courses to go on to become amazing therapists and exercise teachers in a whole range of disciplines.

However to be truly successful, an important piece of the puzzle is to know how to market yourself and how to sell.

Below are some hints and tips,

When starting out, therapists often think that they need to charge low fees as they are new and inexperienced. I think this is a mistake, after all you are fully qualified. By undercharging you may not be making enough to live on. Putting your prices up significantly may put your existing clients off. In today’s world people often perceive value by price. Charging too low can infer low quality.

Decide on your pricing is an art in itself. Many therapists look at what the therapist down the road is charging, and charge a little bit more or less. This is exactly how not to do it!!

However, once you have decided your price there are all sorts of things you can do with it to encourage people to buy from you and buy more frequently.

If you are just starting out you can have an introductory offer. This does mean discounting your price, but for a limited period. You can also have an introductory offer to new clients to entice them in through your door. What we are selling is intangible, you can’t, on the whole, smell it and test drive it or taste it! This makes it harder for people to decide whether to buy. What ever you can do to make it easier for people to sample you and your therapy will result in more customers through your door.

When selling a service we need to increase its  “Tangibility”. Intangibility leads to customers:

  • Having difficulty in evaluating competing services
  • Perceiving high levels of RISK
  • Placing great emphasis on recommendation
  • Using price as a basis for assessing quality

Increase its “Tangibility” by:

  • Including tangibles in the price
  • Allowing people to visit the clinic
  • Have testimonials
  • Have physical evidence such as a brochure with photos
  • Customise the service to the client
  • Make the service as simple as possible
  • Encourage recommendation
  • Focus on service quality
  • Offering freebies to sample

 Once you have got people in through the door, you want to keep them coming back. People love to think they are getting a bargain or a good deal so consider:

Offering a course of treatments with a discount for them paying up front (this really helps your cash flow)

Have the loyalty cards like the coffee shops where they get the 6th or 10th treatment free

Have a freebie provided with the treatment- you might negotiate a special deal with the gym down the road to have a free day membership for example

Have special offers during quiet times of the year

Have peak and off peak prices

People are also more likely to book if what you offer is scarce. When starting out, don’t let on that you have a completely empty appointment book. Instead intimate that you can “just squeeze them in!”

Tip of the week

“No one has the option of turning away from the future” Bill Gates

Start living the future as if it is happening now. Use language that suggests that you are a highly successful therapist. Mix with other successful business people. Write articles about your therapy as if you are an expert- you soon will be!




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