Sample sports massage exam questions

Published on 6th April 2020

Sample sports massage exam questions

Many of our students take our anatomy and physiology online course to go onto study Sports massage. Here are some sample questions taken from our BTEC

Where might you find the following tissues. For each, explain their function.

Interrosseous membrane

Found between the tibia and fibula, and between the radius and ulna. Function is to help hold the bones together.


Found at the wrists and ankles. Function is to keep long tendons in place.

Hyaline cartilage

Found at the ends of articulating bones. Function is to protect bones and provide a smooth gliding surface.


Found between vertebrae and known as intervertebral discs. Function in this case is to provide cushioning of the joint, and to assist with impact absorption and movement of the spinal column.


Found in synovial joints. Function is to provide nutrients to the joint.

Deep fascia

Deep compartment of the leg. In this case function is to separate muscles into their compartments and help provide support to muscular structures.

Superficial fascia

Beneath the skin. In this case the function is to provide protection and support to superficial structures.


Found beneath the deltoid muscle, around the greater trochanter, in the knee, over the olecranon of the elbow and in many other joints. Function is to help protect structures from rubbing against one another.


Found at the abdomen (abdominal aponeurosis) and the trunk (thoracolumbar aponeurosis). Function is to provide a tough support for the body and provide an attachment site for muscles.


Found all over the body between bones. Examples are the cruciate ligaments of the knee, attaching the femur to the tibia, the collateral ligaments of the wrist and ankle, and the small ligaments between carpals in the wrist. Function is to hold bone to bone and to prevent excessive movement in a joint.


A Fibrocartilagionous ring which deepens and reinforces the socket of a ball and socket joint e.g. Glenohumeral Joint.



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