Write your vision

Published on 21st June 2019


You can read Part 1 here

Let’s get started! 

Each step in this plan is meant to be an organic process a bit like gardening. It means you are continually revisiting it, to water it, feed it, weed it, prune it, dig up bits, compost bits, treat the greenfly and disease, sow new seeds and replant new shrubs. 


The map-Write your Vision 

Vision will be the lifeblood of your business giving it purpose and direction. 

Sit down with a cup of coffee/tea/glass of wine, put on some music and just let any thoughts about how you’d like your life to be and what you’d like your business to include to just flow onto a notepad or laptop. There doesn’t have to be any order or logic. It doesn’t need to make sense, and you don’t need to know how you are going to achieve it. Just make sure it’s a compelling vision, giving details on what will you contribute, how will you be remembered and what will your legacy will be. 


Once you have your vision in place (allow it time to gel, this may involve several cups of coffee or glasses of wine - over several sessions of course!) then think about what you want to achieve in year one. 


How to plan! 

A business plan will be anything from 1 year to 5 years in length (or more). I would suggest if you struggle to think too far into the future, you start with your first year.  


Know your outcome and work backwards 

For example; By the end of year one, I want a full clinic of 20 hourly clients per week, paying £50.00 an hour and working 46 weeks per year. (Pricing is covered in the “Passport to Business Success” Virtual Classroom.) 

I want to work a maximum of 2 evenings a week and 1 Saturday per month. 

Having done my market research, I know that I will get approximately 30% of my clients coming weekly, 30% coming fortnightly, 30% coming monthly and 10% coming as one off’s or on an occasional basis. *** Details of how to discover you clients buying patterns  will be covered in the paid version of this Guiding Principle. 

Now think about what you want to achieve in the next 12 months by dividing the year into quarters.  

A three month chunk is so much more manageable than a year and suddenly planning gets a bit easier. 

               Target number of  clients per week Marketing Goal  Other Goal 
Quarter 1       
January 2 Website completed Go on sales training  
February 4

Article published in 

? magazine 

Get book keeping system sorted 
March 4 Mail out special offer to clients   Find a business mentor 
Quarter 2      
April 1 weeks holiday  8    
May   10    
June  10    
Quarter 3      
July 2 weeks holiday  12    
August 12    
September 14    
Quarter 4       
October  16    
November 18    
December 1 weeks holiday  20    


Then think about setting your top 5-10 projects 


These are likely to be in a new business (assuming you have a business name/have decided your niche/ set your survivial budget  (as set out in steps 1-4) 


Get marketing material written 

Get website up and running 

Meet sales targets……. 


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