What Why When How Who

Published on 2nd July 2019



What Why When How Who

The next step of planning and of writing a business plan is to get in place the:

  • What
  • Why
  • When
  • How
  • Who

The Why is

The vision you have and the promise you make to your customers

The What is

The tools the services and products broken down into a plan and priorities

The when is

Err when!! You need to have the what divided into projects with time frames

The How

This is primarily the marketing piece

The Who

Who can you delegate to even if you are a 1-person band

Who your suppliers are

Who your customers are

Who you can collaborate with (seen the weekly step 8)

Lets us look at Essentials for Health when I first started the company as an example to illustrate this:

The Why

To change the world through the healing power of touch

To have a lifestyle business that gives me a quality of life and time to travel every year for 2-3 months

The What

High quality diploma courses in massage in Walthamstow

A massage clinic at my home and one other venue seeing 10 hourly clients per week

The when

Courses three times a year starting in September, February and May each year, the first one starting in September 1992

Clinic at home already started. Find a clinic by September 1992

The How

1/have a “prospecting product” massage magic introductory workshop that get people interested and have offers to encourage them to take it further

2/have flyers

3/ Hire poster sites in 2 sports venues with a view to starting a clinic there

4/ Get registered with ITEC exam board and get referrals from them

5/ Get a piece about me in the local paper

6/ Tell all my ex- colleagues and contacts 

The Who

Employ ex-colleague 6 hours per week to delegate course bookings

Customers: ex-colleagues, local people on my magic workshop, members of the gym where I run the courses.

Collaborate with: venue where I run the courses to promote me to their members


This brings us on to the 4 p’s place, price, product and promotion, known as our marketing mix.

Being in the right place where the community know you and want to buy from you is vital. When I began EfH I started it in my local community where I had worked as a social worker in community development. I was known by some of the community and this definitely gave me an advantage.

However, these days with the various virtual communities around-you can become a known person that way.  If Facebook was a nation, it would be the fourth largest in the world!! So there are plenty of people to connect with.

It also highlights just how important you are in your own success. It may sound obvious, but you are the product as well as the business person behind that product.

Let me elaborate

Firstly you need to be an absolutely glowing example of your therapy

Do you receive your therapy regularly? (How can you expect others to buy if you don’t?)

Are you vital, healthy and energetic

Would people want to be like you?

Secondly you need to become known as The person for your therapy in your community or chosen niche market. PR, public speaking and networking will all help to develop your reputation and start to bring in business directly and through referrals.

All of these subjects will be covered in future posts.



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