What Everyone Needs To Know About Becoming A Successful Therapist

Published on 12th March 2018

By Gill Tree – Managing Director, Gill Tree Training Ltd

If you are thinking of training in anatomy and physiology with us at Gill Tree Training Ltd, then you will want to read this.

  • I will share with you what made me make the transition from Social Worker to the Business Owner of Gill Tree Training. A story that started by me getting lost deep in an African Jungle, whilst descending Mount Kenya.
  • I will explain to you the reasons why other people choose to train with us.  This may help you decide if we are the right school for you.
  • I will answer questions you may have.  After 22 years of providing high quality anatomy and physiology training, I have distilled the most common questions people have, for you.
  • I will show you quotes from our past students.
  • I will give you an idea of our pass rates – which are extraordinary in themselves.
  • I will help you decide what to do next in order to decide for yourself if we are right for you.
  • You will have all this information and more after you read this information pack.

So Why Are You Interested In Studying Anatomy and physiology?

It would be great to be able to discuss this face to face - because this must be important to you.

But as that’s not possible right now, I can only share with you the reasons most of our students have given in the past.  You may perhaps identify with one or more of them:


  • They are fed-up with the 9 to 5 “grind”.  They are looking to do something that is more practical and hands on.  Something that will give them a better work-life balance and help others.
  • They are looking for a way to supplement their income – at least initially on a part time basis - and perhaps later, look to make this a full-time career.
  • They’ve been touched by the healing power of a complementary therapy. They, a close relative, friend, or just someone they know has experienced a therapy- and they have come to understand what a wonderful thing complementary therapies are.
  • They’re just interested in taking anatomy and physiology for general interest.  

Do you identify with any of this?


If you do, then we are on the same “wave-length”.  And if like over 70% of our students you’re considering a career change - you may also find the idea daunting and want some re-assurance and guidance.

But, before I show you what we have to offer and how we can help you attain your desire, I would like to share with you my own story, from full-time employment to MD of Gill Tree Training Ltd

My Story

Thirty years ago I just knew I wanted to do a massage course.  I couldn’t explain why.  I just had this strong yearning. I was fed up with the 9 to 5 “rat-race”, and wanted to do something that was practical, hands on and helped people.

Perhaps, you feel the same…

Well, with what seemed like an irrational urge, I signed up for my massage course - even though I had had never had a massage in my life!  Was this blind faith, intuition or what?

Suffice to say that somehow, I just felt and knew this was right for me… And now that I have been in business for many years, I have come to the conclusion that decisions I make from strong intuition serve me the best.

My purpose when I started my first business Essentials for Health and now Gill Tree Training Ltd was and still is, to establish practices such as meditation, yoga, exercise and complementary therapies as a way of life to promote good health, improved relationships and better quality of life for everyone.  I am committed to helping enhance the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of people.

I discovered this purpose in 1988, soon after I had taken a course in Massage, Anatomy and physiology, which was then only a hobby. 

Isn’t it surprising how often we treat our true passions only as a hobby?  It is as though we don’t think we can turn it into a fulfilling career, even though inside we know this is what we love!

But the real turning point for me happened during a Mounting trekking trip…

After A 4 Day Arduous Climb Up Mount Kenya, to 17,000 Feet, I Lost My Trekking Partner On My Descent, And Had To Find My Way Down Alone In The Jungle, Which Took Me 5 Long Days!

I emerged from the jungle, a very different person, having discovered and developed strengths that until then had been untested and a resourcefulness and creativity that has enabled me to create my business which goes from strength to strength.

I spent those five days of walking through a river, and following animal paths, negotiating waterfalls and relying on my sense of smell to warn of animals close by, to reach safety. At the beginning it was below freezing at night and having lost all my belongings down a waterfall I shivered myself to sleep. It was close to Christmas and I made a decision I would not spend Christmas alone on that mountain. I’m always amazed by the defining power of a decision…It gave me the determination to continue.eve!"

I find this to be a critical skill in business.  Because just by making a decision, you summon resources you do not even think you have. And not making a decision – for your life – only paralyzes you.  Nothing happens, and you wait and wait and wait, whilst your life goes by…

  • The decision I made, literally saved my life – because it kept me going…
  • In fact I was found by two very kind Kenyan men on Christmas Eve.
  • At that time I was unaware that, I Had Just Been Through An experience That Was Going To Define My Future…
  • I had discovered an inner strength that up until then hadn’t been tested.
  • And once I returned home I really felt that I'd been brought back for a higher purpose
  • Everything pointed towards me teaching massage, anatomy and physiology and starting my own school!

So realising this, I trained as a teacher.  And in 1992 I established Essentials for Health, which became one of the leading Schools of Anatomy and physiology and Massage in the UK for over 20 years.

We now train over 200 people like you, each year on our Anatomy and Physiology courses. Most of whom wanted to fulfil their dream to become a professional therapist.  

For them too, this was once only a dream! 

But Enough About Me… Let’s Talk About YOU. You Have A Decision To Make And Good Decisions Require Information And Courage!

So Why Choose To Train With Us?

The easiest way to explain why you should choose us is to tell you why other people say they chose to train with us.

Here are 8 key reasons:

We are an extremely professional organisation: Our mission is to be the anatomy and physiology training school preferred by professionals.  A lot of thought has therefore gone into our courses to ensure that you get the ultimate in professional training.  Our goal is not only to train you well beyond the standard required to pass your examinations, but to make you one of the very best therapists with superior anatomy and physiology knowledge.

We provide the ultimate support:  Over 90% of our students come to us after several years in an initial career.  So we understand that it may be a while since you last studied.  If you are concerned about this you have nothing to worry about, because we will go the extra mile to support you every step of the way.

All our tutors are highly knowledgeable and experienced: 60% to 70% of tutors who apply to teach for us are rejected. Each tutor is carefully selected for their deep knowledge, extensive work experience and ability to teach. And because all our tutors are actively practicing as therapists, you will be benefiting from real life experience.  But there is more. Even after our exceedingly stringent recruitment criteria, each teacher goes through further training with us to learn the “Gill Tree Training Ltd way” before they are allowed to teach you.  This is unlike other schools where the tutor may have just gained their diploma and have little or no experience.  With us, no corners are cut.  As a testament to this, invariably at the end of each course, when we ask our students what they like most about us, the answer 100% of the time is “the tutors”.

We provide thorough, professional and inspiring training: Our teachers spend a huge amount of time preparing for each class. And because of this the delivery is very creative and very inspiring.

We provide an active, hands-on, fun and positive approach to learning:  We teach you using accelerated learning techniques to help you easily absorb what you are taught so that you have the best chance to pass your examinations with flying colours. Studies show that using this approach can dramatically increase what you remember from class by as much as 300% or more when compared to “traditional chalk and talk”.  It’s fun. It’s positive. It’s never dull.  It’s always exciting and energizing. You may even wonder why every school is not doing this.

We provide unique extra course elements over and above the basic syllabus: Our training includes several aspects not found in a basic anatomy and physiology therapy certification syllabus that add the extra special touch to your competence when you are practicing as a therapist.

We have over 20 years of continuous improvement: Continuous improvement is one of the core values of our school.  This means we take your feedback and progress, very seriously. If there are any problems you are having that are affecting your ability to progress, they would receive immediate attention – even if it means me getting personally involved.

We assist you in building your therapy business once you are a qualified therapist.  We have further e-courses to help you launch yourself and get your therapy practice established and a free 30 step guide to Business Success for everyone who purchases our anatomy and physiology course.

Here is what some our recent students say;

I passed the itec level 3 massage quite a long time ago and wanted tp revise. I think your system is fantastic, and is so much easier than being in class, mainly because it's possible to pause, take your time, and re watch. 

I find the tutor extremely engaging, more so than just reading typed words on a page. Carrie Mitchell

I must say I love course.   It's really well set up for people to learn.  I am so appreciative of this.   Thank you.

Christina Murley

I highly recommend this online GM Tree Training course. It's an ITEC course, the videos are fantastic and it's very reasonably priced. The owner even very kindly arranged for me to sit the exam in Spain so I wouldn't have to travel to London Louise Tavares

But I Know You May Still Have Some More Questions.  So Here Are Some Common Questions And Answers

Q1: Why are we more expensive than some other courses

A1: Our courses are not the cheapest. Our experience time and time again is that cheap can be expensive. What do I mean by that?

We get people who have done courses elsewhere and then come and retrain with us. Paying for the training twice is extremely expensive! Regretting not having done our course is also a drain on your energy.

Q2: I haven’t studied or done exams in a very long while. Am I too old? Can I still do it?

A2: You’ll be in the same boat as lots of people who haven’t studied or taken exams in a long time. People of all ages come to study with us, including those who are retiring. You will be absolutely fine. It’s challenging, but there’s no reason why you can’t do it. 

You can also take comfort in that our pass rate is exceptionally high. Currently 97% in our ITEC anatomy and physiology exam

Q3: How easy is it to learn Anatomy and Physiology?

A3: Strangely, even though people say learning A&P is hard work, they also say it is one of the most interesting parts of the course, and they get a lot of satisfaction from it.  We employ accelerated learning techniques to help you rapidly absorb what you learn.

Q4: How much study time do I need to allocate to doing the course?

A4: We recommend four to five hours anatomy and physiology study per week.


Q5: Will I be able to get work afterwards?

A5: There are opportunities for the aspiring therapist in complementary health clinics, health clubs, spas, cruise ships and hotels, however these are often on a self employed basis. We cover how to find such opportunities on our business course and also explain how you can work from home or by visiting clients.

Q6: How am I going to make the career transition?

A6: I talk to many people who like you are thinking about doing a course as a potential career change. Perhaps you also want to do something that gives you more freedom, is more fulfilling, that gives you more control over your life and a better quality of life.

They are often, however when it comes to the crunch, concerned about giving up their security of a regular salary and are unsure about how to make a success of developing their own business.

When I first knew I wanted to start Essentials for Health in 1991 I was working in a London council in community work. I have to admit that to begin with I was working long hours, doing the equivalent of two jobs.

Things became much easier when I asked my boss if I could go part time with my job. His reply was that yes I could, but only for six months as this was a full time post.

This was great, as it gave me the security of having my mortgage and bills paid with my part time salary, whilst having much more time to devote to my new business.

I worked out a survival budget- the absolute minimum I could survive on and realised that actually I didn’t need as much money as I thought I did. I didn’t need to spend £4-5 on bought sandwiches and coffees everyday (a saving of over £1,000) or my season ticket for the tube.

It also gave me the push I needed to go for it after the six months were up. Otherwise I could still be waiting for that right time to leave…. (it doesn’t exist!).

Now I had never worked in business.  Before Essentials for Health and then Gill Tree Training Ltd was born I had eight years experience of working in community and social work in councils and charities. I had never had any business training. I have a social science degree! If I can do it, you can do it too!

When I teach you my business course, I will share with you all that I have learnt on my twenty plus year journey.


So How Much Does The Course Cost, And What Are The Payment Options?

The course is £267.50 plus the exam fee of £112 or £142 at our regional centres. To make it easier for you to budget for your course we provide an instalment programme where you pay 3 instalments over 3 months of £89.17 and then your exam fee when you are ready to take your exam.

And as we are so confident you will enjoy and benefit from training with us, we are happy to offer you our unique 100% risk free guarantee:

Your Unique 100% Risk Free Guarantee

You can ask for a 100% courteous refund of your course fees and leave anytime within 14 days of buying the course

Guarantee 1: If you do not agree that our training and support of the highest professional standard.

Guarantee 2: If you do not agree that our tutors are dedicated to your success and truly want to help you become one of the very best massage therapists.

Guarantee 3: If you do not agree that our approach to teaching is fun and engaging and that you are getting a lot from the course.

Guarantee 4: If you do not agree that our tutors are highly knowledgeable and experienc

So To Summarise

  • We provide the highest quality anatomy and physiology e-course in the UK
  • We aim to make you the best therapist you can be
  • We have been providing anatomy and physiology therapy training for over 20years, so you can count on us.
  • We teach you using accelerated learning techniques so that learning is easy, fast and fun.  This will give you the best chance of passing as demonstrated by our pass rates.
  • Our courses are not cheap, but value for money
  • We love anatomy and physiology and want to inspire you
  • We provide you with a 100% Risk Free Guarantee you can count on – showing that we stand behind our words.


I hope this helps you in making a decision to train with us.

This is the right time to begin a wonderful journey into a new hobby or career.

You can secure your place on your course right now by phoning us on 0203 553 1060 or book here


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