What does the ITEC Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology Certificate Exam entail

Published on 7th August 2017


We have been offering the ITEC Level 3 Certificate for a number of years and the exam is really straight forward with 50 multiple choice questions (with a choice of 4 possible answers but only 1 correct one) to be completed in 50 minutes. Additional time can be given for special circumstances such as dyslexia or your first language not being English.

The possible answers are written in such a way that you really need to think and you do need to know you anatomy and physiology. Having said that, our course prepares you completely and our success rate remains at 97% of people passing first time.  The pass mark is just 50% but most of our students achieve over 70% with a high percentage getting over 90%. In other words not only will you pass your exams, you will have excellent knowledge to help you become a first class therapist.

To help you decide if the course and exams are for you, here are some sample questions;

1)  In which layer of the epidermis would you find melanocytes:

Stratum corneum

Stratum spinosum

Stratum germinativum

Stratum lucidum

2)  Ergosterol – a hormone on the skin’s surface - helps to produce which vitamin:

Vitamin A

Vitamin C

Vitamin D

Vitamin E

3)  Which of the following is a contagious skin disease:





4)  The cerebrum is responsible for:

Balance and posture

Memory and reasoning

Co-ordinated movement

Swallowing and vomiting

5) Impulses leave the neuron via the:



Myelin Sheath


Don't worry if you don't know the answers, you haven't done the Anatomy and Physiology course yet!!

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"I am not sure if I already thanked you for the course but would like to thank you again, I am also very relieved I passed the exam. It was kind of you to arrange everything and I found your course accessible, with knowledgeable, clear and professional content.


- Sheila Styles -

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