What anatomy and physiology course should you choose

Published on 19th July 2016


What a headache! Deciding on an anatomy and physiology course is quite confusing isn’t it! So many choices: different exam boards, course content, course length, locations, e-learning and price- where on earth do you start?!

These factors should help you decide:

The helpfulness of the staff on the end of the phone and e-mail
If they were helpful, friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and informative in the office, via their website and emails, the chances are they are also that way in the anatomy and physiology courses they provide.

The availability of the staff
Do they offer the option to speak to you in the evening? If you leave a message did they call back within 24 hours?

The qualification and experience of the teachers
You don’t want to be taught by someone who has only just qualified themselves, or be taught by someone who only has the qualification you are about to study. Ideally you want to be taught by an expert. Someone who has great knowledge they are willing to share. I would also recommend that you choose to be taught by someone who has trained as a teacher. It is one thing to know a subject, teaching it in an inspiring, creative and fun way is an entirely different matter! What anatomy and physiology training have they done?

The track record of the company
Choose to be taught by a company that is hugely experienced, has a proven track record over several years and a great reputation within the industry as being a quality training provider.

The qualification offered
It is important that the qualification offered is recognised here in the UK. The ITEC Level 3 anatomy and physiology course is the industry standard for many therapies such as massage, reflexology and aromatherapy. There are some overseas companies now operating in the UK whose qualifications are not recognised here, so be careful. If you want to work abroad, make sure the qualification will travel across.

The course content
Whilst it is important to get value for money, make sure you are not missing out on content. The last thing you want is to wonder- what would I have learnt if I’d done a longer anatomy and physiology course? How much more confident would I feel? What knowledge have I not gained?

Recommendations and testimonials
Ask for the e-mail of a past customer of the school and/or check for testimonials on the website.

Speak to the school owner before you commit
Do an introductory workshop or if the anatomy and physiology  courses are provided via e-learning make sure there is an option to have a free trial, give them a call and talk it through with someone. Any good school will have put their staff through some of the courses at least so they really know what they’re talking about. Ask all your questions, get a feel for them and put your mind at ease.

Is there a money back guarantee?
Any anatomy and physiology school that has complete confidence in the quality of what they offer will be happy to provide you with a money back guarantee.

What support does the school provide after the training?
Your relationship once you have finished your training with the school should not end there. There should be ongoing business support for you to become a successful therapist – what else do they offer?  

The price
Now if all of the above is satisfied you’ve got it! You don’t want to be spending the time until you start your anatomy and physiology course worrying about whether you have done the right thing. You want to be excited and certain. Choose quality and value over price for the peace of mind you get.



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