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Published on 9th November 2018

The urinary System is one of 12 body systems covered in ITEC Anatomy and Physiology courses which we provide as an E-Course. 

If you are studying anatomy and physiology and have missed a class or need some extra help with a particular system, you can buy each body system individually.  

The Anatomy and Physiology of the Urinary system including; film, workbook, online assessments, supplementary notes and self assessment questions. (FHT CPD Value = 1 Point)Price £9.50

Test your knowledge on the two quizzes below

Quiz 1

1) The outermost part of the kidney is called the: 

a) Medulla b) Cortex c) Pelvis d) Pyramid


2) Which of the following is NOT a function of the kidneys:

a) Removal of waste from the blood b) Production of ADH c) Control of fluid levels in the body


3) Match the term on the left with the correct definition on the right

a) Pelvis                                                     i) Functioning unit of the urinary system

b) Medulla                                                 ii) Cup shaped top of a nephron

c) Nephrons                                              iii) Inner part of the kidney

d) Bowman’s capsule                                 iv) Expansion of the upper end of a ureter


4) Which of the following are NOT normally present in urine:

a) Glucose   b) Fatty acids c) Water d) Sodium chloride e) Protein f) Blood cells g) Urea


quiz 2

1. Why is the right kidney slightly lower than the left?

2. What is the peritoneum?

3. What is on top of each kidney?

4. Name two structures which protect the kidneys?

5. Name the vessels which bring blood to and from the kidneys

6. Kidneys filter blood. What are the filtering units called

7. Which hormone controls the rate of kidney activity?

8. How does urine pass along the ureters?

9. What kind of muscle tissue makes up the bladder?

10. Which structure in the bladder lets us know it is time to urinate?

11. Why are women more prone to urinary tract infections than men?

12. What is the difference between a ureter and a urethra?


How did you get on? Check your answers below

Answers to Quiz 1

1. B

2. B

3. a to iv,         b to iii,                 c to i,                    d to ii

4. A, b, e, f


Answers to quiz 2

1. Because of the liver above it

2. A serous membrane enclosing the abdominal cavity

3. An Adrenal gland

4. Renal capsule protects kidneys from infection, adipose tissue, renal fascia, lower ribs?

5. Renal Artery   Renal Vein              

6. Nephrons

7. ADH controls how much water is reabsorbed. Aldosterone controls how much salt is reabsorbed, the parathyroid hormone controls how much calcium is reabsorbed, self-regulatory action of the kidneys is by means of the renin-angiotensin system.

8. Peristaltic waves

9. Smooth

10. Stretch receptors in the walls of the bladder send signals to the spinal cord. A reflex signal is sent back to the bladder, which makes the detrusor muscle in the bladder wall contract. The contraction increases the pressure in the bladder, and this is what makes you want to pass urine.

11. Urethra is shorter, only about 4cm compared to 20cm

12. Ureter: kidney to bladder  -  Urethra: bladder to exterior

You can find more information on the urinary system here



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