Top Ten Projects

Published on 24th June 2019



Let’s carry on thinking about our top ten projects 


Owning and managing a business requires a combination of working in the business (giving the therapy) and working on the business (marketing/sales/promotions/bookkeeping/cleaning/ stock control/answering the phone…..) 


It is important that you allocate a decent amount of time to working on your business and your prices need to reflect this unpaid work.  


So your top five to ten for this quarter could be any of the following: 


1. Establishing the product including: 

Deciding your pricing (Pricing is covered in the “Passport to Business Success” Virtual Classroom.) including course of treatments, special offers 

Establishing customer buying patterns 

Defining your niche 

Deciding location 

Conducting market research to assess supply and demand 

Deciding your USP 


2. Finalising marketing including: 

Logo, brand, name  

Completing website 

Getting website listed on established referring sites 

Establishing a sales funnel 

Flyers written 



3. Financials 

Set up costs 


Cash flow forecast 

Sales projections 

Book keeping 

Profit and loss 


4. Legalities 

Health and Safety at Work Act 

License to practice 

Registration with HMRC 


Data protection 

Equipment and Building regulations 


5. Social media 

Developing a presence on Facebook, Linked In and Twitter 


6. Sales 

Developing a sales strategy 

Developing a sales pitch 

Making the sales calls 

Money-back guarantees 

Making the sale 


7. PR  

Writing articles 

Writing a press release 

Researching exhibitions and shows  

Developing your reputation  

Becoming an expert 


8. Developing referrals 

Networking with other therapists 

Getting clients to come back and refer  


9. Completing the business plan 

An executive summary  

A short description of the business - services, products and location 

Defining the market with market research 

Your marketing and sales strategy  

Competitor analysis 

Your management team and personnel and their credentials 

Your operations  

SWOT analysis 

Your unique selling point 

Financial forecasts  


10. Developing customer care and after service sales 

Treatment evaluation 

Client happy sheets 

Sourcing Products 

Managing stock 


There are bound to be things that you have thought of that I haven’t, so add them to the list and then prioritise them into order of what needs to be done most and least urgently. Then pick 3-5 that you think you could reasonably start and make good headway in the next 3 months. (Hint choose at least 2 from the higher priority list that you will enjoy doing and 1 that is going to be a chore but is a priority. Get someone to help you with any aspects you might struggle with. People love to help when asked.) 


Many of the above list will overlap. So for example: establishing customer buying patterns from item 1 with greatly enable you to begin your business plan, item 9 and sales projections from item 3. 


We’re going to begin there next time.


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