The Power Of Thought to help you pass your anatomy and physiology exam

Published on 28th June 2021


Thoughts are real and have a real impact on how we feel physically mental and emotionally. I trained in the 1980's in Neuro, Linguisitc Programming which really is a study of how our thinking programmes us.  Neuroscience shows us that our thoughts actually cause chemicals called neurotransmitters to be released and  every thought produces neurons firing.

So in effect who you are can change from moment to moment simply by changing your thinking. 

This is the really good news for healing. It may seem a bit far fetched  but this is backed up by science and research.

Lets look at gratitude

There is an antidepressant called Wellbutrin  that boosts the neurotransmitter (hormone) called dopamine. What is so interesting is so does gratitude.

Gratitude toward others for example, increases activity in the social dopamine circuits, which in effect, makes social interactions more enjoyable.

This causes a positive feedback loop in your relationships. Have you ever had a day of just being nice to someone and they are nice back and so the cycle continues? 

Another antidepressant Prozac boosts the neurotransmitter serotonin. But once again, so does gratitude.

To help you appreciate that this really does work. Think about the placebo effect. Being given a sugar pill and told it will help your symptoms and hey presto, you feel better! 

 Other tips to feeling better;

  • consciously recognizing the emotions that you are feeling actually reduces their impact
  • However suppressing emotions doesn't work as they will pop up elsewhere- an outburst at a loved one for example or physical illness
  • Describe an emotion in just a word or two, and it helps reduce the emotion.

So to start the process of changing your thoughts, look at some words that you may use and just change them slightly. For example change;

  1. Worry to concern
  2. Problems to possibilities
  3. Anger to annoyance
  4. Upset to peeved

Worry v concern

Concern is reasoned and purposeful you may have a concern about keeping your home safe and have window locks, but you don't waste time worrying about it

Worry concentrates on pointless wishing and attracts and magnifies free floating anxieties It becomes a background buzz in your mind.


yes these are mind games, but healty ones. Have fun! 


Once you've mastered your thoughts, then you can move onto beliefs. I can pass with anatomy and physiology course with flying colours! Now that would be a really empowering belief! Good luck! 



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