The Neurological system

Published on 12th August 2017




To transmit information
To receive and respond to stimuli
Maintain homeostasis


There are 3 divisions:

Central Nervous System:

Spinal cord

Peripheral Nervous System:

Cranial nerves
Spinal nerves

Autonomic Nervous System:

Sympathetic branch
Parasympathetic branch


Basic unit of nervous system
Combine to form nerves
3 types:      

Sensory - afferent
Motor – efferent

Impulses travel in one direction
Synapse is a junction between two neurones
Neuro-transmitters – Chemicals produced by axon terminals to enable or inhibit a nerve impulse to travel across synapse
Myelin Sheath – Fatty insulating coating on some neurons
Nodes of Ranvier – Indentations in myelin sheath at certain points
Neurilemma- Fine membrane covering myelin sheath



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