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Published on 16th November 2018

The Endocrine System is a module in the ITEC Anatomy and Physiology course we provide as an E-Course. 

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The Anatomy and Physiology of the Endocrine system including; film, workbook, online assessments, supplementary notes and self assessment questions.(FHT CPD Value = 2 Points) Price £14.25

Test your knowledge using the quiz below

1) Which of the following are true of hormones:

a) Hormones are chemical messages
b) They are secreted from the central nervous system
c) They are secreted into ducts
d) They are secreted into the bloodstream
e) They are controlled by positive feedback


2) Which of the following are true about the pituitary gland - the pituitary gland stimulates:

a) The thyroid gland
b) The pancreas
c) The parathyroid
d) The adrenal medulla
e) The adrenal cortex
f) The kidneys
g) The ovaries


3) Growth hormone is secreted by:

a) The thyroid
b) The pituitary
c) The hypothalamus


4) Match the term on the left with the proper selection on the right: 

a) Pituitary                         i)  Pelvic cavity
b) Parathyroids                   ii) Mediastinum
c) Adrenals                         iii) Neck
d) Ovaries                          iv) Cranial cavity
e) Thymus                          v) Abdominal cavity


5) TSH acts on the:

a) Thyroid     
b) Thymus   
c) Pineal  
d) Testes

6) ACTH stimulates the:

a) Adrenal cortex  
b) Adrenal medulla  
c) Hypothalamus  
d) Ovaries

7) Select the correct word in brackets:

a) Parathyroid hormone (increases / decreases) calcium levels in the blood
b) Insulin (increases / decreases) glucose levels in the blood
c) Thyroxine (increases / decreases) the metabolism 
d) ADH (increases / decreases) urine output
e) Melatonin causes (wakefulness / drowsiness)


How did you get on? Answers are below

1) a and d
2) a, e and g
3) b
4) a – iv, b – iii, c – v – d – I, e – ii
5) b
6) a
7) a – increases, b – decreases, c – increases, d – decreases, e – drowsiness


Now match the condition below with the description of the disorder.

Diabetes Mellitus



Cushing’s Syndrome


Diabetes insipidus



Addison’s Disease

 1.   Disorder of carbohydrate metabolism in which sugars in the body are not oxidised to produce energy due to lack of the pancreatic hormone insulin

2.    The production of large quantities of very dilute urine due to the failure of the pituitary gland to secrete ADH

3.    Syndrome due to excessive amounts of thyroid hormones in the blood-steam, causing a rapid heartbeat, sweating, tremor, anxiety, increased appetite, loss of weight, and intolerance of heat

4.    The clinical syndrome due to hypothyroidism in adult life, including coarsening of skin, intolerance to cold, weight gain, and mental dullness

5.    A syndrome of dwarfism, mental retardation, and coarseness of the skin and facial features due to lack of thyroid hormone from birth

6.    Abnormal growth causing excessive height, most commonly due to over-secretion during childhood of growth hormone by the pituitary gland

7.    A deficiency of growth hormone due to a defect in the pituitary gland; they are well proportioned and show no mental retardation, but may be sexually underdeveloped

8.    A syndrome, due to insufficient secretion of corticosteroid hormones by the adrenal glands.  Symptoms include weakness, loss of energy, low blood pressure, and dark pigmentation of the skin

9.    The condition resulting from excess amounts of corticosteroid hormones in the body.  Symptoms include weight gain, reddening of the face and neck, excess growth of body and facial hair, raised blood pressure, loss of mineral from the bones, raised blood glucose levels, and sometimes, mental disturbances

Here are the answers

1. Diabetes Mellitus 2. Diabetes insipidus 3. Thyrotoxicosis 4. Myxoedema 5. Cretinism

6. Giantism 7. Dwarfism 8. Addison’s Disease 9. Cushing’s Syndrome

You can more information on the Endocrine System here

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