Step 6 - Develop the right mind set

Published on 2nd April 2019


I cannot emphasise strongly enough how important belief in yourself and what you offer is. Marketing is equally important, but you really need the determination discipline and confidence of a top athlete trialling for the Olympic team to succeed.

Ok, I admit it- I have the tendency to exaggerate. I definitely do not have the determination, discipline and confidence of a top athlete but I do have spade loads of these three. I also have the ability to bounce back. Whenever we make a mistake, have a disappointment or failure at Essentials for Health, we (on the whole after I have ranted and raved just a tiny bit!) accept them and evaluate them to see where we went wrong, what we can learn, what we haven’t done or have forgotten to do and what we can do differently. This is crucial and I have to say that it’s not easy on your own. You need some help to see the woods for the trees.

So create a dream team! Have a business community with:

  1. Peers
  2. Mentors and advisers
  3. A vehicle- someone I can model and use their recipe –this Therapist’s Business Guide is here for that
  4. Someone who sees you and your gift
  5. Connectors – naturally sociable people who are well-connected in your community

For those positive thinkers out there you’re not going to like this, but it is probably as important, if not more important to examine what’s not working as well as what is. This takes courage and honesty, but I promise you it will pay you manifold. That’s where your dream team comes in. Talk to your mentors, advisers and peers about what is working and not working and analyse and get to the bottom of why for both.

Just to digress

Let’s think about nature for a moment - go into a field of wheat, and it will all have grown more or less to the same height. Do you know why? No, I haven’t got a clue either except it does seem that wherever you look, you most often see the sea of sameness, conformity and few people putting their heads above the parapet.

My greatest challenge to you this week is to stick you head above the parapet and be different. This may mean networking and brushing shoulders with people very different from you and business wise, more advanced than you, to help you raise the bar and level that you are operating at. Peers and friends are great. We need them. But if we are to grow and grow our business we may need to move to a different field.

A field where the soil is more fertile, the sun shines down for longer and the irrigation system state of the art.

I want to share with you where I am at with mentors. Over the years at Essentials I have had some really fantastic mentors who have kept me on the straight and narrow.

Back in early 2010 I decided that the straight and narrow wasn’t going to ensure my long term security or the security of the company and my team, at the end of the day EfH will be my pension. So I appointed a multi-millionaire who I had huge respect for and who charges huge fees to be my mentor.

Do you think when I’m talking to a multi-millionaire that I am going to really think about the questions I ask him? You bet!

Do you think I am going to really listen to what he has to say? Of course!

Do you think I put into practise what he suggests? Do you think that by being mentored by a multi-millionaire my mind set is changing??

Tip of the week

If you think the power of thought and belief is new age baloney, think again! It is now science fact. I recommend you read “The Biology of Belief” by Professor Bruce Lipton and “Molecules of Emotion” by Candace Pert


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