Step 3 - Believe In Your Business

Published on 22nd March 2019



For our business to take off we need to really believe in it. We almost need to be able to smell it, taste it, see it and feel it!!

In the words of Einstein: Imagination is more important than knowledge. It is a preview of life’s coming attractions?.

So go ahead and see where your imagination takes you and?

Still stuck?

If you are not sure exactly how to structure you therapy offering go out and trial it. When ever we are creating something new at Essentials for Health we will get a group of potential customers together, buy them dinner and brainstorm. Once we have more of an idea of what is required we will then trial it. So for our first ever webinar for the Therapist’s Business Passport, we only invited a few people to sign up to it to see if it worked.

Your future customers will also provide you with all the answers you need to know about how to structure your treatments so when someone calls up to ask you about your therapy service say: I’m looking to update how I offer my treatments. Can I pick your brains for a minute??

It is fine to be a work in progress! You won't have all the answers, but keep asking the questions, and they will come!

My job at Essentials for Health is spent often not knowing, but time spent speaking to the people who will know, or who can give me clarity or insight gives me the ah- ha moments. (Remember last week's step about going to the experts sooner).

Test and measure

If you are unsure about pricing, (there is a huge section on my Therapist's Business E-Course about how to price) duration of treatment, special offers, freebies and all the other marketing ideas (again covered on my Business E-Course) then test and measure.

Send some emails/flyers out with one offer to half of the people who have shown interest and send a different offer to the other half. Give each offer a code that they have to quote to get the discount or freebie and see which one gets the best response.

Once your business gets to a certain size, we recommend that you buy in some software that can automatically do this for you.

What you need is a database that is linked to an auto-responder emailing system that has the ability to provide you with reports on how many emails were opened, how many people went to look at the links you had included to your website?. The list goes on. You can also send out the same email with a different title to see which heading is most appealing.

A database that is linked to your website so when someone makes an enquiry or a purchase, it autopopulates the database and generates an invoice saves a huge amount of time. It is known as a CRM. Customer Relationship Manager.

We have one and the time savings are huge. We recommend, who offer them for a monthly fee. They also offer web design, web hosting, domain name registration and much more.

Tip of the week

Do you know how to turn a dream into a reality? Put a date on it???

So announce to the world when your clinic is opening for business!


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