Step 16 - Selling

Published on 7th May 2019


Today I am going to broach the subject of Selling. I think quite probably your least favourite activity and why therefore you absolutely must read this email and take some action on it!

In the past I was never comfortable with the idea of selling and making sales calls. Although I did them, I really had to force myself to. I didn’t want to appear pushy, I couldn’t face the rejection of a “no”, I didn’t want to make people feel awkward, I felt awkward, it was too invasive……. Sound familiar?

Then I realised that this was all in my head and imagined! I started to ask when I made a call “is it ok for me to call?” and the resounding answer 95% of the time was “yes”

I started to imagine that whoever I was phoning was a long-lost friend. It just made picking up the phone so much easier and when I started to think that these calls were more about building a relationship and seeing if we fitted what the potential client was looking for, I started really enjoying making them!

I then went on to record myself making the calls and this is what I learnt…

When they’re talking they’re buying!

For most of the call I was just asking the right questions and listening. Most of my tape recording was empty!

So think about the questions you can ask that will engage your potential client:

  • Why are you considering this therapy?
  • What health issues can I help you with?
  • What can I do for you?
  • How can I help?

You can also ask T.E.D...

  • Tell me a little about where you’d like help
  • Explain to me what you’d like to happen
  • Describe what it is you’re looking for

I am not suggesting that you ‘cold call’ people who have never contacted you.

What I am saying is an absolute must is that you do call and connect with:

  • People who have made enquiries about your services
  • People who are clients who you haven’t seen for a while
  • People  who came just once and you never saw again
  • People to whom you’d like to offer a course of treatments at a discounted price

So who are the next 10 customers you are going to call?

Some principles when selling

1. People buy for two main reasons: to get away from pain or to enjoy more pleasure.

It is important to make it clear in your publicity that what you offer is a way to escape from something painful (relieves, aids, assists, a condition or disorder) or move towards something pleasurable (relax, be pampered, indulge)

A massage could relieve back pain or it could be the most amazing pampering. Which service do you provide and are you clear in your offering. (This take us back to our niche market remember?)

2. People want something if they can’t have it! (We’re still 3 year olds inside!)

           So create an air of scarcity! Don’t be available 24/7 – instead squeeze people in to                              

           your very busy diary!

3. Consider having a money back guarantee - this provides massive assurance and confidence for the potential client

4. Selling up - if they want to book a session with you and you offer a half hour or full hour, ask “would you like to come for the hour?”

5. Have a time based offer - if someone is still dithering mention a special offer that is just about to close, this also creates scarcity

Your challenge is to get 10 new customers this month, so get practising your sales calls (err... I mean relationship building skills!!)

We will revisit sales in a later step but this is enough to start with for now.



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