Sample Questions to Prepare for your Anatomy and Physiology Exam

Published on 18th December 2017



Our students are well prepared for their anatomy and physiology exam. Not only do we provide a first class anatomy and physiology course (ok we are a little biased!) but the online assessments and sample questions really get students ready for their ITEC Level 3 multiple choice exam.

Here are a few sample questions for the muscular system:

1)  Another name for skeletal muscle is:


Voluntary muscle


Involuntary muscle


Smooth muscle


2)  Tissue which joins bone to bone is called:


A tendon


A ligament

?  May be called either tendon or ligament


3)  Peristalsis is a characteristic of:


Cardiac muscle


Skeletal muscle


Smooth muscle


4)  ‘Tone’ is:

?  The opposite of fatigue

?  Another word for tension

?  A state of contraction


5)  Muscle fatigue and cramp are the same thing:






6) Splenius capitis is:

?  A muscle of the back, parallel to the spleen

?  A muscle of the neck

?  A forearm muscle near the carpals of the wrist


7) Muscles which extend the hip are:

?  Gluteus maximus, medius and minimus

? Gluteus maximus only

? Hamstrings only

?  Gluteus maximus, medius and hamstrings

?  Medius and minimus only

?  Medius and minimus and hamstrings


8) Gluteus medius and minimus:

?  Laterally rotate the femur

?  Medially rotate the femur

?  May rotate the femur both laterally and medially


9) Muscles which abduct the arm are:

?Infraspinatus and supraspinatus

?Deltoid and infraspinatus

? Deltoid and supraspinatus


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