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Published on 8th September 2015

Announcement to let you know we have more regional centres for ITEC exams

I am very pleased to be able to let you know that we now have regional exam centres in the following places in the UK and beyond with more to follow: 

 London, Bristol, Birmingham, Brighton, Harrogate, Glasgow, Stockton, Hatfield, Newry, Exeter and Dublin and Southern Spain. 

If a city neaar you is not listed and you would like to take your exam from there, let me know and I will see what I can do. 

Further centres include: Norwich, Belfast, Manchester, Nottinghams, Cambridge and Aberdeen plus centres in Asia in Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea. 

Very exciting! 


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"May I also commend your instructor, Jane. She was so articulate and concise in her delivery of her material. The planning of her course and the methodologies she employed greatly facilitated learning, and her passion and depth of knowledge were both impressive and inspiring. I've been teaching 22 years and have a PhD in language pedagogy, and she made this cautious digression in my career a very enjoyable experience for me"

- Rose Ní Dhubhda -

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