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Published on 5th December 2021

Very good, accessible and the films felt like being in a classroom, I found that helpful  More context and comments about how A&P relates to massage, sports, health and wellbeing

I found the anatomy and physiology course easy to follow and also found the lecturer very easy to learn off of. She was very clear and used a good method of learning. 
I think adding more mock exams would be great with a different variety of questions

 Maybe a short video on how to use the anatomy and physiology course would be good.

My teacher decided not to teach the anatomy and I was left to read the book alone and it just isn’t sticking.  One of your students on Facebook recommended it.

I have always wanted to be a kinesiologist and I have needed to learning anatomy and physiology to help in other areas of complementary therapy. I felt it was time to start and spot procrastinating.
I was recommended to you by task kinesiology training. they said I was asked to complete it after kinesiology training but I am choosing to do it first.

I want to have as much knowledge as possible about the humans body, I would not miss this chance to do this a and p course
Would be nice to have more mock exam type of questions to have a feel of more what exam be like 
Thank you for this course, very intense but good, feel like medical student now good, comfortable online learning from home

Very easy to use, I could watch videos all over again, easy access and understanding of the topics especially when English is not my mother tongue. I am very satisfied with the whole course. I would highly recommend to anyone. 

Annie is brilliant and prompt with her replies and support.
With some minor improvements to be made, this is an excellent course.

I would like to pick up on complimentary health, kinesiology in particular and feel that a sound knowledge in anatomy and physiology would be advantageous.  To progress beyond the foundation stage, I will need this certificate.

Currently studying Neuomuscular Therapy, Masters Degree in Anatomy, Yoga Teacher Training
To complement current studies in Neuromuscular Therapy, and hope to study Pilates

I have chosen to study Anatomy and physiology  because it helps me to move on to bigger and better courses in the future. 

The content on the film definitely helped in learning rather than just self study 
Please emphasize to the students the importance of the Use of the A&P book when learning as some may think that video and downloaded materials will suffice which may not.

Lovely administrative support

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"I am really enjoying the course and can’t wait to get home every day to carry on with it"

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