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Published on 12th October 2018

The Muscular System is a module in the ITEC Anatomy and Physiology course we provide as an E-Course. 

If you are studying anatomy and physiology and have missed a class or need some extra help with a particular system, you can buy each body system individually.  The Anatomy and Physiology of the Muscular system including; film, workbook, online assessments, supplementary notes and self assessment questions. (FHT CPD Value = 5 Points) Price £28.25

Test yourself on the leg, arm and trunk muscles of the Muscular System using this revision aid - answers are below.

LEG Muscle Review Questions


1. Hamstrings all originate from the?

2. Which of the four quadriceps flexes the hip?

3. Into which leg bone do quadriceps insert?

4. What are the three main adductors called?

5. Where does sartorious originate?

6. What movement of the foot/ankle do both gastrocnemius and soleus bring about?

7. Do peroneals (fibularis) invert or evert the foot?

8. Does tibialis anterior invert or evert the foot?

9. Which muscle produces the opposite action to flexor hallucis longus?

10. What does extensor digitorum in the feet do?


ARM Muscle Review Questions

1. Biceps brachii flexes the shoulder, flexes the elbow and?

2. Where does coracobrachialis originate? 

3. Name two other muscles which cross the elbow joint on the anterior surface of the arm (i.e. with palms facing forward).

4. What do triceps do?   

5. Where is the thenar eminence? 

6. What does extensor carpi radialis do? 

7. What does flexor carpi radialis do? 

8. Which muscles perform the opposite action to pronator teres? 

9. Which bone is brachioradialis inserted into in the forearm? 

10. Name three muscles that flex the wrist. 


TRUNK Muscle Review Questions

1. What is the function of erector spinae muscles?

2. There are two muscles on the posterior surface of the scapula, one superior to the spine of the scapula, one inferior.  What are their names?   

3. Teres major and minor are adductors and rotators of the humerus.  Which one is the medial rotator? 

4. From which border on the scapula do they originate? 

5. Levator scapula elevates the scapula.  What does it do to the  head and neck? 

6. Pectoralis major and minor are chest muscles.  Which one is  attached to the coracoid process?  

7. Quadratus lumborum is a lateral flexor of the spine.  It is  attached to the iliac crest, spine and 

8. Sternocleidomastoid is attached to the sternum, clavicle, and 

9. Rectus abdominus (abdominus rectus) flexes the trunk.   It is attached to the ribs and 

10. Does trapezius insert into the occipital bone? 


How did you get on? Answers are below


LEG Muscle Review Questions

1. ischial tuberosity

2. rectus femoris

3. tibia

4. Magnus, brevis, longus

5. Anterior superior iliac spine, (asis)

6. plantarflexion

7. evert

8. invert

9. Extensor hallucis longus

10. extends toes


ARM Muscle Review Questions

1. Supinates forearm

2.Coracoid process of scapula

3. i)flexor carpi ulnaris  ii flexor carpi radialis

4. i)extends elbow  ii)extends shoulder

5. Fleshy part of palm – base of thumb

6. Extends wrist, and adbducts

7. Flexes wrist, and abducts

8. Supinator and biceps brachii

9. radius

10.    i) flexorcarpiradialis, ii) flexorcarpiulnaris, iii) Palmaris longus


TRUNK Muscle Review Questions

1. Extend the trunk

2. i) supraspinatus    ii) infraspinatus

3. Teres major

4. lateral

5. Helps bend neck laterally

6. Pectoralis minor

7. 12th rib and L1 – L4

8. Mastoid process of temporal bone

9. Pubis

10. Its origin is here when it is moving the scapula


You can find more information on the Muscular System here 

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