Lockdown Instalment Program For Anatomy And Physiology Courses

Published on 7th January 2021


Now we are in the third lock down and with Winter all around us, this could be the ideal time to curl up in front of your pc or mac and get your anatomy and physiology qualification that you've wanted to do for so long, done and dusted. 

10 reasons why you should take our anatomy and physiology course

1/ the price has been held since 2014 and we have no plans to increase it in 2021 and remains at £267.50

2/If you are on furlough or your budget is tight, we can offer you a payment plan where you pay over five monthly instalments of £53.50, just call Gill on 0203 553 1060 to arrange

3/ You can benefit from a ten percent discount on the anatomy and physiology course using the code 10percent

4/exams for the first half of 2021 are online and can be taken from home with us invigilating you via zoom. We are hoping this will become the norm. We hold exams every month and can arrange one especially for you for a small extra fee

5/Our results are outstanding with many people getting marks in the high 90% range, and most in the 70% and 80% range. We rarely have people fail. If someone fails they usually succeed on their second attempt. The retake fee is £40

6/You can experience the e-course here with our free trial

7/We are providing free of charge an extra six months access to the e-course to help you cope with the ups and downs of Covid and lockdown. This means 18 months access although many people complete the a and p course in three months or less

8/Gill and Annie are just a call or email away to support you if in the unlikely event you need technical support or have a question about some aspect of the antomy and physiology that you don't understand

9/ Originally created in 2009, Gill has made sure the course stays up to date wiith the requirements of the exam board ITEC and their syllabus for the

Certificate in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for the Complementary Therapist

10/Every year our quality control meeting with ITEC, we pass with flying colours


How is the anatomy and physiology exam structured?

The exam is 55 minutes with 50 mutiple choice questions. there is one correct answer and three that are wrong, but are written in such a way that is your anatomy and phsyiology knowledge is not strong enough, sound right. This is where our course has been so carefully taught to ensure you really understand and know you anatomy and physiology. 

How many questions are there for each body system?

The organisation of the body  (cells, atoms)? 5 

Skin, hair and nails  ? 5 

Skeletal system  ? 5 

Muscular system  ? 5 

Nervous system  ? 5 

Endocrine system  ? 5 

Respiratory system  ? 3 

Cardiovascular system  ? 5 

Lymphatic system  ? 5 

Digestive system  ? 3 

Urinary system  ? 2 

Reproductive system  ? 2 


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"The level 3 Anatomy and Physiology course has been really worthwhile, and provided me with a much needed foundation in A&P to go onto Osteopathy. Thanks for providing such an accessible, and easy to follow study program."

- gill Tree -

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