Learning styles and how this course will suit yours

Published on 1st May 2017

Why Learning Styles are so important when learning anatomy and physiology

Everyone learns in a different way; some of can read a page and it sticks. Not me! I have to read it out loud and almost teach it to myself for anything to go in! We use a technique in our anatomy, physiology and pathology courses called ?Accelerated Learning?. It is the combining of all learning styles, which include:

Visual (spatial):You prefer using pictures, images, and spatial understanding.
Aural (auditory-musical): You prefer using sound and music.
Verbal (linguistic): You prefer using words, both in speech and writing.
Physical (kinesthetic): You prefer using your body, hands and sense of touch.
Logical (mathematical): You prefer using logic, reasoning and systems.
Social (interpersonal): You prefer to learn in groups or with other people.
Solitary (intrapersonal): You prefer to work alone and use self-study.

Which one are you?

Our Tutor Jane Johnson is an expert in using accelerated learning training methods and this is what one of our anatomy, physiology and pathology course students Annette Rainbow had to say:

The content of the films is very descriptive. For anyone choosing to embark on A&P, which at first is a daunting prospect, the Virtual Classroom tutor is simply marvellous. Her knowledge and teaching skills come across easily and she is very encouraging.

The information was brilliant. I have been brought up in a family with medical professionals and was surprised at how much more I learnt, even terminology which I usually struggle with every time.



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