Know Your Arthritis

Published on 3rd April 2017

Anatomy and Physiology Course Revision Comparing Skeletal Pathology

Place these 20 facts into the correct disease catergory below:

Affects mostly the small joints of the fingers and toes
Affects mainly the weight bearing joints such as the hips, knees and spine
May affect many other systems in addition to the skeletal system
Skin, lungs, eyes and internal organs may be affected
Also called brittle bone disease
Prevelant in older adults, over the age of 75
Prevelant in adults over the age of 60
Worsens in most women following the menopause
Both compact and cancellous tissue is lost so bones become porous
The synovial membrane is severely damaged
May be diagnosed with a blood test
Is usually pain free.  Clients don’t know they suffer from this until they suffer a fracture or have a bone scan!
Hyaline cartilage in the joint wears away
Bone spurs may form in the joint
Is caused by wear and tear of the hyaline cartilage
Is an auto-immune disease
Flares up at times and then may go into remission
is an ongoing, worsening condition
Joints become deformed
Joints may fuse together



Rheumatoid arthritis


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