Ideal Time to Study Anatomy and Physiology

Published on 27th March 2020


I hope that in a years time (or less) we can look back at this time of chaos and confusion and realise that perhaps globally this is what we needed. 

To stop for a while (apart from all our wonderful key workers, working tirelessly for our health and well-being thank you), have a long rest, have time to reflect, time to reconnect with friends and family albeit remotely and to consider what is important on this precious planet of our and our all too short life. 

If like me, you have children at home, take it easy over the homeschooling. It can be hugely stressful trying to get children to do homework at the best of times and and at a time like this we need to keep stress at a minimum. Stress lowers immunity, and we need our precious immune systems right now to be working to protect us from the corona virus.

This may be the ideal time to study and learn our anatomy and physiology ecourse and it makes sense in this blog to focus on our immune system, primarily the lymphatic system. 

The lymphatic system is made up of a series of vessels (tubes) organs, nodes, ducts and tissue that provide the body’s first line of defence against disease and infection. If you cut your finger and dirt gets into the cut, lymph cells called lymphocytes would flood to the area to ingest the bacteria in the dirt, rendering it safe and ready to be excreted from the body.

The spleen, a major lymph organ, works hard to protect the body in this way and the bacteria and dirt would be carried to here. Within the spleen white blood cells called macrophages are also produced which ingest infection. The spleen also clears out old red blood cells from our cardio-vascular system.

The lymphatic system also produces anti-bodies to counter disease. The human body is quite remarkable and often there is no cure for disease and the role of the medical profession is to support a persons body, whilst the lymphatic system is doing its work to fight off the infection.

It is therefore vital in these challenging times to really focus on looking after our health and boosting our own immunity.

This is an interesting article on CNN on how to boost your immunity.

In next weeks blog, look out for a quiz about the lymphatic system. Just one of twelve amazing systems in the human body that we study in our anatomy and physiology e-course. 



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