ITEC level 3 certificate in anatomy physiology and pathology for complementary therapies qcf

Published on 2nd May 2017

The UK's leading qualification for complementary therapies, the ITEC Level 3 Anatomy, physiology and pathology

We get students from all over the UK and beyond (We have exams in Dubai this weekend) as ITEC (International Examination Therapy Council) is not only the UK's leading exam board but probably the most well know and recognised internationally too. Operating in over 40 countries, you can find out more about ITEC here.

In November 2016 ITEC was aquired by the exam board VTCT which offers its own Certificate course in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology.

People often ask which is better and in actual fact they are both very similar. Both exam boards had to work with the Department of Educations organisation OFQUAL to unify and standardise their syllabus a few years ago.

The difference lies in the exams. Whilst VTCT exams can be done online there are 2, two hour papers. ITRC has managed to reduce their exam to 50 multiple choice questions in 50 minutes with some homework on pathologies.

We have over 20 different ITEC exam centres thoughout the UK and Ireland, so there should be one fairly near you to take your ITEC level 3 anatomy, physiology and pathology certificate.


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"I'm really enjoying your Anatomy and physiology courses- a fantastic way to learn! Love the video lessons and the worksheets are a brilliant idea too. The whole thing makes learning fun and interactive rather than having to do copious amounts of reading followed by a multiple choice quiz!"

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ITEC Level 3 certificate in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology

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