How to Be an Inspiring Anatomy and Physiology Teacher

Published on 7th August 2020



Are you a teacher or aspiring teacher of complementary therapies or related subjects (anatomy and physiology for example) who would like to be at the top of your game and make your teaching more memorable, enjoyable, impactful, fun and meaningful?? (For the students and for you).

Tony Buzan was one of the first people in this country to look at memory and learning. He developed amongst other things the mind map, recognising that most people’s memory works in pictures. Note taking in pictures and pictograms is often very effective in memory retention especially for people who are visual. Other people are predominantly auditory whilst others are kinaesthetic.

Howard Gardner in the US identified that different people having different learning styles and different intelligences. He identified eight intelligences; Linguistic, Logical-mathematical, Musical, Bodily-physical, Visual-spacial, Interpersonal learning with others), Intrapersonal (self-reflection) and Naturalist.

Think about learning to juggle. Which intelligences would be useful in developing this skill? Probably bodily-physical and visual-spacial. Possibly also musical for the rhythm.

We can then begin to see why for some people juggling is easy and others…well balls all over the place!!

We will all have a mixture of the learning styles. What is important for us as teachers is to ensure that in each block of our teaching we have something for everyone. A veritable smorgasboard of teaching methods. Our careful lesson planning ensures that there is an activity to suit each learning style.

The emphasis is on activity. Our students need to be stimulated, motivated, energised, entertained, challenged, actively involved and moving in our classrooms. When taught in this way learning is accelerated. 

Jane Johnson our anatomy and physiology course tutor is a master of teaching using Accelerated Learning. the proof is in our ITEC level 3 anatomy, physiology and pathology exam results. We are acing it with a pass rate of 96% with many students achieving a merit or distinction.

See Jane teaching in our free trial to help you jazz up your lessons


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