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Published on 5th July 2017

Frequently asked questions about our anatomy and physiology course

The most frequently asked questions about our anatomy and physiology course are the price, how long people have access to the course for and what the pass mark is and how many pass.

The price

At the time of writing this blog the full fee is £267.50. This price has remained the same since 2014 and if it increases it will be an incremental one to keep up with inflation. There is also an additional fee for the exams again at the time of writing this is £112 for an exam in London and £142 for a specially arranged regional exam. If the price increases this will be because the exam board ITEC have increased their fees.

 How long do people have access to the course for ?

You will be given access to the course for 12 months from the day of purchase. Most people complete their studies in less time but if you find you have not completed the Anatomy and Physiology Certificate Course in that time frame there is the option to extend.

Extend your anatomy and physiology e-course here

What is the pass mark?

The passmark set by the exam board ITEC for the certificate in anatomy, physiology and pathology is just 50%, that means you can get half wrong and still qualify! There are 50 multiple choice questions to be completed in 50 minutes.

How many people pass first time?

The vast majority! In fact we have a 97% success rate of people taking their exams and passing first time. Those who retake usually make it second time around.

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"I'm really enjoying your Anatomy and physiology courses- a fantastic way to learn! Love the video lessons and the worksheets are a brilliant idea too. The whole thing makes learning fun and interactive rather than having to do copious amounts of reading followed by a multiple choice quiz!"

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