Final part of our glossary with Letters T to Z

Published on 9th October 2017

Final Anatomy and Physiology Glossary for Revision

so we are on the home run to completing our glossary of anatomical terms. Whilst by no means an exhaustive list, the glossary is a good way to do some revision and check what you do and do not know, whilst revising and preparing for your ITEC Level 3 Anatomy Physiology and Pathology exam.

Here is our final list;




Tone (muscle t.)


It is short and sweet ! If you feel you need to have a revision tool to help ensure you succeed in your exam, you might find our revision aid really helpful. It is a film based anatomy and physiology e-course taught by Jane Johnson and is valuable if you feel you have not been taught sufficiently well at your college or indeed been left to your own devises. It is similar in content to our full anatomy physiology and pathology course but has no tutor support or exams organised by us.

You can view the full details here


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"I will email Gill to thank her for the course and all her efforts, meanwhile, just to reiterate, I enjoyed the course and thought the presentation and content were of very high quality and the service I received couldn’t have been more helpful, you are all a very good team


- Sheila Styles -

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