Day One of Your Therapy Business

Published on 7th October 2019


Whether this is actual reality, or just a daydream you’re having for a career change, it’s a daunting feeling running your own business for the first time. The first day you receive a paying client can fill you with trepidation; I speak from experience and remember it well. There are so many unknowns to worry about and, along with the fear that you have forgotten something fundamental like a couch cover or a place to sign on your consultation form, you can send yourself into a spin. These are things I’m certain you’ll get right; a simple checklist and some preparation ahead of the client arrival should see to that.

So what else? “Will my mind go blank? Will I be credible? Will the client be able to tell that I’m not experienced?” 

Here are a few simple pieces of sound advice to get you going:

Firstly, have some notes to hand for when you take your bookings to remind you what you need to get from a booking client before you put the phone down. You’ll need to record their name, phone number (important in case you have to change their appointment due to an emergency or chase them if they don’t turn up!), what type of treatment they want and if they have any special requirements. If they are looking for a remedial treatment such as a sports massage or sports injury treatment, write down as much about the circumstances of any injury or condition they want addressing and the site of the discomfort and type of pain they are experiencing. That way you can get straight back to your reference manuals and start revising the condition prior to their arrival. Please don’t imagine that this is cheating! It’s due diligence and preparation and you are simply being smart and responsible.

Secondly, take client notes at the end of EVERY treatment; keep it simple noting what treatment you did, any observations you made along the way (tight calf, left leg and a knot mid left erector spinae perhaps?) and the client’s reaction after the treatment. I guarantee you will have forgotten the details within a few days and it is so impressive to be able to remind the client what you did and what you found when they next return.

Finally, remember you will have the back-up of access to our anatomy and physiology e-course. If your years access has run out you can always purchase an extension for one, three, six or twelve months to refresh your memory.  The  course is packed with information that you will need and continue to use throughout your career. In fact, you’ll be surprised how much of that information will become second knowledge and make even more sense to you the more you use it… and I bet you’ll continue to learn more and more as your career and experience advances.

I can tell you from experience, in no time at all you’ll be looking back at those first days and wondering why you were ever worried at all.


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