Case Study of Annie One of our Students

Published on 11th September 2017

Case Study of Annie R, one of our students

Here is a case study with one of our students Annie R who decided to study anatomy and physiology to then train in massage.

Many of our students are looking to become massage therapists but we also have yoga teachers, paramedics, and people looking to go to university who study with us.

Why did you choose to study your Anatomy and Physiology Course with Gill Tree Training?

I think it was fate.  I was actually looking for a course in West London, near to my home but came across the Anatomy and Physiology website and found that they were offering an e- Course. The real hook for me however, was speaking to Gill Tree.  She was so inspiring and I could relate to all her life experiences.  I am a talking therapist by profession and have worked in social care with children and families for over 20 years.  I wanted something to compliment my work and listening to Gill confirmed that holistic massage was the way to go, starting with her anatomy and physiology e-course.

What made you want to study massage?

I have been working for different local authorities for years and was fed up with the constant reorganisations and wanted to have a change in career. I had thought about being a personal trainer as I have always loved sport and exercising however at 58 thought it would be too much for me. I love having massages myself and knew that they were very good for you (little did I know then just how good!). My husband bought me a massage table as a Christmas present one year and we would give each other massages. I then started to give massages to my family and friends. I found that I was very good at it. I loved giving massages and wanted to know how to do it properly.

How has the anatomy and physiology e-course benefitted you?

I thought the course was going to be a ‘walk in the park’ however after my first day of doing some of the course I knew that this was going to be a serious business.  The tutor Jane Johnson is exceedingly professional and knowledgeable.  I learnt so much more than I thought I would. The Anatomy and Physiology was very interesting and challenging.  Through learning A& P I know so much about the effects that massage has on all systems of the body.  I have now gone part-time at work and I am enjoying building up my massage business.  

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"I think your system is fantastic, and is so much easier than being in class, mainly because it's possible to pause, take your time, and re watch. I find the tutor extremely engaging, more so than just reading typed words on a page. The system that I have watched has helped me recognise areas of weakness, and affirm areas of knowledge."

- Carrie Mitchell -

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