Cardiovascular system quiz

Published on 22nd February 2019


Test your knowledge - answers are provided below, good luck!

1. Bloodflow

Put these in order in which blood flows through them from the heart: 


1. Anterior tibial
2. Femoral
3. Iliac
4. Plantar arches
5. Posterior tibial
6. Popliteal

1. Brachial
2. Palmar arches
3. Subclavian
4. Radial
5. Axillary
6. Ulnar 
1. Mesenteric (superior)
2. Splenic
3. Aorta
4. Hepatic
5. Renal
6. Mesenteric (inferior) 


2. Name a leg vein that does not have a correspondingly named artery

3.  Name 2 veins in the neck that do not have correspondingly named arteries 
4. Name 2 veins in the arm that do not have correspondingly named arteries 
5. Name the major artery in the neck 

6. State which chamber of the heart:
a) Receives blood from the lungs
b) Receives blood from the systemic circulation  
c) Pumps blood to the lungs
d) Pumps blood to the systemic circulation 
7. Choose the correct blood vessels for each statement: -
a) Carry blood to the heart
b) Allow transfer of nutrients and waste products between blood and tissues
c) Carry blood away from the heart Choose from:-  i) Arteries ii) Veins  iii) Capillaries 
8. What are the names of the two main veins, which enter the right atrium of the heart? 
9. Choose the correct figure.  The heart beats at an average rate of (50/75/100/120) beats per minutes. 
10. Where does the heart muscle get its own blood supply from? 
11. Where is the tricuspid valve found? 
12. Give three major factors influencing blood pressure. 
13. Blood pressure can be expressed as two numbers e.g. 120/80 
 a) What does 120 represent?
b) What does 80 represent?


How did you get on? Check your answers below:

1. Blood flow

Order in which blood flows from the heart:

Iliac, Femoral, Popliteal, Anterior tibial /Posterior tibial, Plantar arches 
Subclavian, Axillary, Brachial, Radial /Ulnar, Palmar arches 
Aorta, Hepatic, Splenic, Mesenteric (superior), Renal, Mesenteric (inferior) 


2. saphenous 

3. Internal and external jugular 

4. Cephalic, basilica 

5. Carotid 

6. left atrium, right atium, right ventricle, left ventricle 

7. a) Carry blood to the heart Veins
b) Allow transfer of nutrients and waste products between blood and tissues Capillaries
c) Carry blood away from the heart Arteries 

8.  Superior and inferior vena cava

9. Does depend on age and fitness

10.  Coronary arteries 

11. Between right atrium and right ventricle 

12. Cardiac output, arteriole resistance, total blood volume 

13. a) systole b) diastole

You can find more information on the Cardiovascular System here 


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