Buying An Anatomy and Physiology Course Is Like Buying A Car

Published on 4th September 2020


I am currently in the process of buying a car, I've had my current one for eleven years and it is definitely showing signs of old age! 

Whilst going around the show rooms and trying to decide make, model and colour it make me think that Buying An Anatomy and Physiology Course Is Actually Just Like Buying A Car!!

Here's my reasoning and a guide to help you select your Anatomy and Physiology Course or ecourse

1/Test Drive It

You would have to be mad to buy a car without test driving it and I think the same applies to buying a course whether it is a live anatomy and physiology course or studied online. Make sure you can visit a class in action or have a free trial of the online option. Any college who is proud of what they offer would happily allow you to try before you buy. We provide a whole unit from our anatomy and physiology e-course; the cardio vascular system. It's like marmite: you're going to love it or hate it! but at least you will know for sure whether the course is for you or not. 

Enjoy our free trial!


2/Do you like the look and feel of it ?

For some people how a car looks is important and this is true for an anatomy and physiology e-course too. You need to enjoy the course, find your way round it easily, follow what is being taught and retain the information with lots of activities to keep you motivated and interested. Many anatomy and physiology ecourses are not much more than an online book. Make sure you like how we teach you with our physiotherapist Jane Johnson teaching and guiding you through the course.

3/ Take a look at the Spec- has it got the features you are looking for?

The best way to find out about the course is to look at the website and or brochure and to check that the syllabus meets the requirements of the discipline you are training in; whether it is to become a pilates teacher, massage therapist or kinesiologist.  Here are our course details.

Find out what is included and it there are any extras you may need or want. For example we do not include the exam fee in our course fee as not everyone needs to take the exam.

4/ Budget

What are you planning to invest in your studies? Does the price reflect the quality of the course. Is the course examined by a reputable and UK department of education recognised examinations board. We always say cheap is expensive. If you buy a course that doesn't deliver you could end up paying for a second course to get you the qualification you need. Ouch, now that's expensive!

Having said that do call and ask for any discounts! Any reputable therapy school will want to help you qualify with them and will want your business! 

Also ask for any payment plans for the a and p course and whether they charge for instalments- we don't.

5/Helpfulness of the Sales Person

Buying a car is a big investment and so is buying an anatomy and physiology course. The best way to really find out about the course is to speak to someone! Gill Tree who owns is always happy to speak to anyone thinking of doing our course. We want to be sure it is right for you and we want you to be a happy student! call Gill on 0203 553 1060. She will always call you back (can be evening) if not available. 

6/Is there a warranty or guarantee?

Any new car will have a warranty for up to five years. Our anatomy and physiology e-course comes back with a money back guarantee. In eight years we've returned a persons fees just twice! 


We live in a world of reviewing and any good anatomy and physiology school will be happy to share their reviews.

Here's a really great one:

 This is a really excellent course. I felt it covered all aspects of Anatomy and Physiology in a detailed, well-structured and thorough way. The online films provided a very sound basis for the general aspects of each subject whilst the learning resources - the work books, revision sheets and supplementary information - were a good way to deepen and effectively test the learning and retention of information. I liked the variety of ways the information was presented as well as the similar way each module was structured. The recommended text book - L Tucker provided a good companion to the learning, helping to embed different aspects. The assessments provided a good balance of being robust enough to challenge me as well as affirming my learning. The assessments at the end of each module were good mechanisms not only to test your knowledge but provided a useful revision aid. Completing each one provided a sense of satisfaction and motivation for the next module. The mock exam questions were also very helpful as the exam drew closer and helped to strengthen a breadth of learning. The management of any queries was excellent - very prompt response dealt with in a helpful, courteous and professional way. As a student I felt cared for and supported and that my learning was important to the staff. The exam procedures were very clearly and efficiently set up and explained and the invigilator very calming and professional.  
The two most challenging elements in the course I found were:  - the origins and insertions for muscles and  - I don't know if there is another way of breaking this down - I found the volume of information a bit overwhelming. - actions and movement for individual muscles - again I found it difficult to memorise the detail of the information.The only other suggestion would be to include some assessment of the nails and hair information. Although I had looked over this I didn't give it the attention that I gave to other modules and was a bit thrown to find 2-3 questions on the exam.  Just a couple of questions could perhaps be included in the skin assessment? 
I would highly recommend this course to any potential student looking to complete an Anatomy and Physiology Level 3 qualification.  You need to cover a lot of detailed information across a while range of themes - this course is very well-structured  with excellent  learning resources - and is robust in testing your knowledge as you move through each of the modules, This builds your confidence as a student. The staff at Gill Tree were extremely helpful courteous and professional. I felt valued as a student  and felt my learning was important to them. They were flexible when I needed to extend the course and helped me to achieve my goal. Thanks so much. 



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