Anatomy and Physiology of the Planet

Published on 7th November 2021


Have you seen the wonderful Earthshot Prize series of programmes with Prince William and David Attenborough? It is so timely with COP26

Not particularly a royalist but I am so impressed with William as a presenter and authentic advocate for caring for the planet. David Attenborough in his nineties is also quite remarkable in his strong presentation and his speech at COP was really powerful and moving.

Watching the Earthshot Prize made me think how much the planet and the human body have in common. In fact they both resonate at the same frequency of 7.83 hertz- this is the frequency of the alpha wave (the resting state) of the human brain. The relationship between the earths frequency and ours is too complex for me to explain but you can read about it here. In a nutshell we become in synch with the planet when we spend time in nature. Cities with all the radio and microwaves interfere with this. Also trees release phytocides, important stress reducing hormones for us mere mortals.

The natural electromagnetic patterns of the Earth, act like a tuning fork not just for the biological oscillators of the brain but for all processes of life.

This is exemplified in getting to sleep.Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, a sleep expert and author of Tired But Wired: The Essential Sleep Toolkit

“Every cell in the body is linked to the movements of the earth and the moon," she said. "It’s a science - there’s a synchronicity to it.”

There’s an area in the brain called the circadian timer which helps to synchronise the movement and function of every cell in the body to the levels of light and darkness in the environment.So, as the light level drops below a certain limit, it sends a message to the pineal gland through the eyes, and then every cell in the body starts adjusting its functions.” She advocates getting to sleep by 10.30pm as those ninety minutes before midnight are the most restorative.

Dr. Luc Antoine Montagnier, who won the Nobel Prize in physiology and discovered the  HIV Human Immunodeficiency virus was a huge proponent of the symbiotic relationship of the planet with ourselves. 

In fact, we are much more dependant on the earth than we ever imagined for our health. Foehn symptoms such as headache, tiredness are related to the Foehn winds that occur in areas with mountains.

Peoples’ arthritis worsen in damp weather - A drop in pressure often precedes cold, rainy weather. This drop in pressure may cause already inflamed tissue to expand, leading to increased pain

So what have the planet and the human body got in common?

In nature there iare multitude symbiotic relationships. For example: The reintroduction of wolves in yellow stone has led not to a decline in the elk population as some feared, but instead a stabilisation, where the sick and injured are picked off as prey. Not only that but the wolves keep elks on the move, allowing the land to recover from their grazing and more species of plant, insect and mammal are being seen. Read more

And so too in the human body where the twelve body systems all work, interrelate and interdepend on one another. Think about the heart pumping blood rich in oxygen that has been inspired by the lungs. Think about how some minerals are only effective when present with certain vitamins in the human body.Think also about the mind body connection. Ever has nervous butterflies and sweaty palms? Ever blushed when embarrassed? Ever felt hungry smelling delicious food?

The mystery of who we are in relation to our planet is fascinating and only just beginning to be discovered. We must treat our home as a living organism with the respect it deserves.


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