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Published on 21st December 2021


Are you finding that providing anatomy and physiology within your course is becoming increasingly expensive as classes get smaller? We have estimated that at our school if we have a class of 12 students it costs us £275 per student to provide the A and P.

This allows for Venue costs, Tutor costs, printing the manual, homework marking and administration and invigilation of exams.

In addition, we have all the extra work of sorting out what to do when students miss a class or tutors are absent, marking homework and producing handouts. What is it costing you?

Would you like a cost effective solution?

We can provide you with the solution! A state of the art online virtual classroom that students can follow in their own time, from their own home, without any compromise to quality or training standards and effectiveness.

Established in 2014 GM Tree Training has successfully trained 1,000’s of students in Anatomy and physiology. 

For a free trial visit:

We would be delighted to make this package available for you to offer your students.

The programme will allow your students to learn at their own pace, be able to watch over and over, give them 24 hour access and allows you to check their progress.

How does it work?

You pay a per student fee (prices from £120 per student) for the training provision and use your existing examination boards to examine the A and P element of your training. Alternatively students for an additional fee can take the level 3 VTCT/ITEC Certificatein Anatomy and Physiology and Pathology . The online system that supports this course allows you to automatically allocate user names and passwords to your students so they can get started immediately and you are then able to track their progress seeing how much of the course they have successfully completed and see their results when completing online interactive quizzes.

A solution to student absences

We also sell the course by body system. Students who have missed a part of your classroom based anatomy and physiology course can go online and for a small fee, can take that part of the course.

Become and affiliate

You may prefer to recommend the anatomy and physiology course to your students. By signing up to become an affiliate of ours, each time one of your students signs up to the course, you will receive a 20% commission on the sale, which is currently £57.10. We do this by providing you with a unique discount code to pass on to your students that can be tracked. We offer your students a 10% discount. 

Which exam boards and professional associations have approved this course?

Currently the IFA, IFR, ASK, Kinesiology Federation, ITEC, 

Our students who study in this fashion are doing extremely well in their exams. We currently have a 100% success rate.

Above all, we believe you will find this solution provides you with the most cost effective and efficient anatomy and physiology provision.

Call Gill to discuss options on 0203 553 1060.

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Anatomy and physiology online courses - Free e-book
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10 Top Study Tips to Help You Pass Your Anatomy and Physiology Exam

Anatomy and physiology online courses - free trial
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"I am delighted to have passed and greatly appreciate the support and flexibility that you have given me during this extended process of study. Thanks also for the guidance and resources - it has been a really excellent and thorough learning experience and I will be giving you 5 stars on the evaluation "

- Karen McMinn -

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