The Endocrine system helpful facts

Published on 30th December 2016


1) Which of the following are true of hormones:

a)    Hormones are chemical messages
b)    They are secreted from the central nervous system
c)    They are secreted into ducts
d)    They are secreted into the bloodstream
e)    They are controlled by positive feedback

2) Which of the following are true about the pituitary gland - the pituitary gland stimulates:

a)    The thyroid gland
b)    The pancreas
c)    The parathyroid
d)    The adrenal medulla
e)    The adrenal cortex
f)    The kidneys
g)    The ovaries

3) Growth hormone is secreted by:

a)    The thyroid
b)    The pituitary
c)    The hypothalamus

4) Match the term on the left with the proper selection on the right:

a) Pituitary    i)  Pelvic cavity
b) Parathyroids    ii) Mediastinum
c) Adrenals    iii) Neck
d) Ovaries    iv) Cranial cavity
e) Thymus    v) Abdominal cavity


5) TSH acts on the:

a) Thyroid      b) Thymus    c) Pineal   d) Testes

6) ACTH stimulates the:

a) Adrenal cortex   b) Adrenal medulla   c) Hypothalamus   d) Ovaries

7) Select the correct word in brackets:

a) Parathyroid hormone (increases / decreases) calcium levels in the blood
b) Insulin (increases / decreases) glucose levels in the blood
c) Thyroxine (increases / decreases) the metabolism
d) ADH (increases / decreases) urine output
e) Melatonin causes (wakefulness / drowsiness)


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