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Published on 31st July 2017


For many people the hardest part of learning anatomy and physiology is trying to remember all the names, actions, origins and insertions of muscles. First there's all the latin names and then the different parts of the bones they attach to. The best way to learn for a lot of people is learning by doing. At Anatomy and Physiology Online we have a really great study guide to help with this. Our physiotherapist Jane Johnson with talk about 40 different muscles and demonstrate their position on the body and their actions by drawing on somebody. Then it is over to you to do the same. Get out your crayons, find a friend and follow Jane as she draws the muscles on.

You will get to grips with the origins and insertions ( where muscles start and finish and attach to bones and what movements they create).

Understanding these actions and positions is vital for body workers such as sports massage therapists to ensure they are working safely and managing the injuries of their clients to help the recovery process.

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The course is part of our full ITEC level 3 certificate in anatomy, physiology and pathology.

What is anatomy, physiology and pathology and what do you learn on the course?

Anatomy is the study of the structure of the body whilst Physiology is the function of each part. so for example the heart is a 4 chambered pump (anatomy) and pumps blood around the body (physiology). When people think about pathology they think about CSI and dead bodies and morgues. But actually pathology is the study of diseases and disorders. A disease could be cholera or meningitis a disorder would be something like a sprain or strain.

Our course covers the anatomy, physiology and pathology of all 12 systems of the body plus simple chemistry and accessory information such as hair and nails.

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"I'm really enjoying your Anatomy and physiology courses- a fantastic way to learn! Love the video lessons and the worksheets are a brilliant idea too. The whole thing makes learning fun and interactive rather than having to do copious amounts of reading followed by a multiple choice quiz!"

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